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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by fjs08, Jan 5, 2006.

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    Jun 25, 2003

    I was wondering through our mall this morning and happened upon a Dell tech demo'ing a laptop on a couple of LCD TV's. One was 42" and the other 32". The clarity was very impressive. I thought it would come out grainy, but it was very, very good.

    I have a Ti-Book attached to a Cinema Monitor. It is attached via a DVI to ADC adapter whatever that is. Could I hook this Power Book up to an LCD TV and get that kind of quality?? BTW, which is which?? Is the DVI the connection into the Powerbook or from the monitor???


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    DVI to ADC

    I don't know about the clarity of hooking your Ti book to the LCD TV, but if you find out let me know! (I've got a Ti book too) As for the DVI connector, it is a big white brick that you use for the Lucite case Apple cinema displays that had the ADC connection (ADC = Apple Display Connector one of those proprieary Apple connections that only worked on certain models) which certain Power Macs and cubes shipped with. DVI is a non apple proprietary connector (Which Apple has now switched to on the aluminum case cinema displays) That the Powerbooks ship with. (Which means the new studio displays will plug right in to your Ti book) The brick channels the signal and also has a power supply so that the USB ports on the display will work.

    Uh, which is a long winded way of saying that the DVI part is the part that goes to your powerbook and the ADC goes from your display to the adapter.
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    In most cases you need a DVI to HDMI connection, which your Ti book most likely won't drive. Others will comment and know better than I, I am sure.
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    A lot of smaller LCD TV's I've seen had VGA and DVI. Maybe like 20" and lower ones. Are the bigger ones the ones with HDMI? I've never seen one without DVI, but I haven't looked at anywhere near a 42" one.

    EDIT: If they have like DVI, the quality will be just like a computer DVI LCD if I'm not mistaken, I don't see why it should be.
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    Jun 25, 2003
    Well, I was able to get my Ti-Book to display on my Sony 50" LCD TV. I used a ADC to DVI connector cable. The cable connected directly into the standard video monitor cable (sorry I don't know the technical name) which plugged in to the back of my TV. The display wasn't as sharp as with my Apple Cinema Monitor 20", but it was nice. It did change the resolution of my display on my notebook and TV. It was a lot bigger. Again, sorry, I don't know the techs of all of this. But I must say I was pleased. Only problem was that when I disconnected the Ti-Book from the TV, the resolution didn't change back when I reconnected to the Cinema Monitor. I powered down and upon the reboot, everything was back to crystal clear normalcy both on the monitor and the Ti-Book.

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    There are tons of threads...sometimes people have trouble getting the Mac to display the weird resolution of the monitor (such as a lot of LCD TVs which are something like 1366x768, I think?). But lots of people also seem to have success. I think there are at least some who not only claim success but know enough about what they're doing to make me believe that they're actually getting the native resolution. But that might be a little tricky, and might require one of those programs that allows you to generate custom screen resolution profiles.
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    Jun 25, 2003
    >>I think there are at least some who not only claim success but know enough about what they're doing to make me believe that they're actually getting the native resolution. <<

    I know the resolution I got on my Sony LCD wasn't the greatest. But it wasn't bad. Having seen it, I'm not sure I would give up the great look I get on my Apple Cinema Monitor. There are rumors though that Apple may be coming out with a 42" monitor or Plasma TV?? Not sure. Next week should tell a lot about 2006 in the Apple world.


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