Mac OS 10.2?


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Jul 31, 2001
Does anybody know when Mac OS 10.2 is coming out, and what new enhancements it is going to provide?


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Oct 14, 2001
I really need an update. I can't use OSX 10.1 it does not support AFP on an NT server. SMB does not support classic. Photoshop is classic. pagemaker is classic. Final cut pro is classic.... THerefoer I can't use these until they either upgrade (and I am forced to buy them) or apple fixes their OS that was suppose to be seemless.

If I am wrong in this then someone speak up and tell me how to make a PAgemaker 6.5 document link to files over an NT network while using OSX.

As far as I can tell (and MANY more on the apple support site) Apple has abaondoned the DTP industry with this new OS. Home DTp users need not only have one machine to worry about. Or they are all apples.


Jul 9, 2000
the problem might be NT and not 10.1

which service pack of NT are you using?

and how did you format NT?

these are things you may want to look at

...i hope this helps

windows 2000 is supposed to be better for that sort of thing but it is not always the right choice pocketbook-wise

i will implement windows 2000 and see if i can do the same thing with my ibook

a client of mine ports pagemaker files from OS 9.1 on a G4 to a windows 2000 server using some adobe product, of which i am not sure of, since i don't know adobe that well...but i think its acrobat 5.0 full version

...i don't know if this is useful information since i am just trying to go on what i think you are saying

but when i get stuck, i try

if you go there, ask a question to "weed" since this type of thing is right up his alley

good luck!


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Oct 14, 2001
I am quite sure the problem is with NT in some way. I was able ot get different functions ot work by playing with NT (I am not an NT person. My IT guy did some changes)

But it is also with OSX. OS9 works perfectly on our system (300 PC's , 40 macs, 1 NT server SP6).

If 9 works fine then why not X? I know that X is a very different beast, but shouldn't apple have know that this was going to be a problem for MANY people. I have been on the Apple discussion boards for a month. and No one has a solution to all of the problems. Apparently "Dave" works well, then if a third party peice of software can work better in networking than their own OS (X), then what the !@#$ were Apple's programers doing? Shouldn't they have been the ones to make their own software work?????

I have heard that Win2000 is much better. But only some of our 300 PC's have the hardware to run Win2000 (Ram /processor speed), therefore we use NT.

Jet, anything you can find out would be helpful. thanks.

(not a technician, just a user here)

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