Mac OS 9 on MBP?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by RJMLUKE, Jul 20, 2010.

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    I need to create a partition for Mac OS 9 on my MBP running Snow Leopard, 10.6.3. Is this possible. Hope so. How can it be done? Thanks !

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    You will need to partition your drive using the Disk Utility application. Upon doing this you should then install OS9 on that partition by booting up the mac with the OS9 disk in a selecting the appropriate partition.

    See below
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    No. Mac OS 9 was programmed for the PPC architecture, thus it can't run natively on X86 CPUs.

    Have a look for "classic on intel" via the search engine of your choice.

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    Do you know what, If I had a brain I would be dangerous. This is correct it will not work. I have had a very long stressful day at work.
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    lol, i was worried for you there for a minute.....
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    I require the OS 9 for a peripheral, a Canon film scanner.
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    "I need to create a partition for Mac OS 9 on my MBP running Snow Leopard, 10.6.3. Is this possible. Hope so. How can it be done? Thanks !"

    It _is_ possible to run OS 9 on Intel.

    You need something called SheepShaver, which can be difficult and involved to get up and running.

    HOWEVER, there is a package someone put together called "Chubby Bunny" that makes SheepShaver easier to install.

    The following is from my archives, this particular info was originally posted to the MacIntouch discussion area:
    Doug M

    Follow-up to Matt Neuburg's and Jaap van der Veen's suggestions to Todd Ferguson about using SheepShaver to run WriteNow:

    I am running WriteNow 4.0, in OS 9.0.4, inside SheepShaver, running on OS 10.6.3, Fall 2009 MacBook. It works flawlessly, for editing, printing, and exporting to RTF.

    Here's how I set it up. I don't claim this is the only or the best way: YMMV.

    1) Get a copy of Classic-on-Intel Chubby Bunny version 4.0.1. Google will find it, or just start with the most famous torrent index.

    COI contains a version of SheepShaver (a PPC and OS 9 emulator) that the author has kindly set up to run OS 9.0.4. It is quasi-legal because it contains copies of OS 9 and the Mac OS ROM.

    2) Unzip and place in Applications. In the COI folder unzip 400Meg.blank (or whichever size you will need for your applications and docs). Move the resulting 400Meg.dmg to /Users/Shared.

    3) Open 400Meg.dmg. It may take two tries. Copy the WriteNow folder and WriteNow docs onto the disk. Unmount.

    4) Start the COI app. You will see OS 9 start up inside its own window. 400Meg will show up on the desktop. You should be able to launch WriteNow.

    5) Your CPU will be pinned at 100%. To fix, open SheepShaver->Preferences->Miscellaneous and set "Allow emulated CPU to idle".

    6) If Preferences does not open, you have found a version of COI that contains a very old version of SheepShaver. This is easy to fix. Shut down OS 9. Get the latest SheepShaver here:


    Unzip and place in Applications. You will start up this new SheepShaver from now on. It will give you Preferences and more stability. Note: the first run of COI has recorded the locations of the ROM and system files needed by SheepShaver. The original COI folder must stay in place because it contains those files.

    7) The OS 9 window will be small. In SheepShaver->Preferences, set its size to Maximum. Shut down and restart. Now you can adjust the window size from the OS 9 control strip (remember that?).

    8) 400Meg.dmg is used to communicate between OS 9 and OS 10. I have never dared to mount the disk in OS 9 and 10 simultaneously.

    I installed the old Chooser into Apple Menu Items and Print2PDF into Extensions. That allows WriteNow documents to be printed to PDF, and in turn by OS 10.

    9) Enjoy the mind twist of an emulated CPU and OS that boots in 10 seconds, and an ancient Finder that responds faster than the native one.
    (end of excerpt)

    Because what you're trying to do involves HARDWARE (film scanner), there is no guarantee that the 3rd-party hardware will be accessible "through" SheepShaver. The only way to know is to give it a try.

    My expectations would lean towards the pessimistic on getting the film scanner to work this way.

    Have you tried hunting down updated software for it?

    If SheepShaver won't work, perhaps the only solution is to find an older Mac that will run OS 9 (or Classic, but again keep in mind that Classic sometimes has "hardware problems).

    If Classic won't work, your best bet might be to find a g4/MDD (with firewire 400, NOT 800, ports) that is capable of booting OS 9.
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    This is coming from a lot of experience trying to hobble together old equipment with new platforms in an academic environment.

    Scrimp, Save, Steal, whatever you have to do to get a new film scanner with updated drivers. Any hobbled together workaround will make you unhappy and fill you with murderrage, be it Sheepshaver, finding an old Classic Compatible Mac, etc...
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    I agree. heres the problem i see, most likely to run os9 you will have to virtualize it in one way or another. that alone will be enough of a pain to get working. then you will have to find a way to get os9 to read the scanner outside of the virtual machine. i cant even get a usb device to connect to windows in virtualbox (a free virtualization prog)...and the program even has a function to make it work!

    all im saying is it would probably be much more worth your while to find a different solution. heres my suggestion, either upgrade your scanner, or go find a computer that can naively run os9. if you dont have an old one laying around id say look on craigslist, you can prob find something for less than $100 that will get the job done. i almost bought a tricked out imac g4 for about $130 just for kicks...and then you'll have a cool retro mac in your house!

    my 2 cents...
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    The OP can get a Canon film scanner for about $100 USD. Why go through so much trouble to install a 10+ year old OS? Shameful that people allow old useless hardware to dictate the OS and computer they use instead of upgrading.
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    Can such "/Users/Shared/400Meg.dmg" be used in macOS 10.12.6 Sierra (even within earlier macOS versions using VMware Fusion) or can it be deleted (takes 419.4 MB of disk space). Thanks.

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