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    I currently have my MacOS on an external SSD using Thunderbolt and have boot camp to the Mac Harddrive. Is it possible to put the windows on another External SSD through Thunderbolt and have it boot off this? And how please? Or would I be better using USB?
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    Yes and no. Ms has something called Windows to Go, but its actually going away. Its a windows variant that allows you to install windows on an external drive. With the May update, I believe they're deprecating (or even rmoving) that feature.

    With an iMac, I opted to use the internal SSD for windows, external SSD for macOS and the spinning hard drive was split in two for data for both operating systems.
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    its possible, but not via USB
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    If your Mac has TB3, you can just install Windows 10 directly to TB3 external drive without using Boot Camp partition. Windows installation treats TB3 as an internal drive during installation.

    If you want to use USB, I suggest you use at least USB 3.1 gen 2 external drive for faster speed.

    Easiest way to install Windows 10 on external USB drive is to pre-partition the external drive. And then using Windows Apply Image. If you need help with using Windows Apply Image, I can post how-to. I believe, there are many postings how to do this already on this forum.
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    Hi i am new on here.I got windows 10 on the external drive with VM Ware Fusion ,but unfourtunatly it got wiped.:(
    i have tried a number of times to put it on other SSD s with no luck ,it takes a age for all the stuff you have to get throuh
    the instalbefore it could be done it went off line :(tried the same one again and it spom for a bit and done the same thing.I have done the instal many times and know it of by heart.I don,t know why it doesn,t could be something to do with my computer.I am thinking of taking it back to a earler time.
    i have tried it 3 times with T5 SSD.I am at a loss why i can,t get it on there.:(

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