Mac OS ?'s with YDL 5.0 or Applicable OS's for PS3

Discussion in 'macOS' started by macnoob09, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. macnoob09 macrumors newbie

    Aug 15, 2009
    I am brand new to Mac and I like what I see so far but for some reason I think that YDL 5.0 is to the equivalent of like Windows 95 or 98. Can anyone let me know if I am close. I am very proficient in Windows cause thats all I have ever known. I am really wanting to learn EVERYTHING I can about Mac. All of this is for my PS3. I am one to tweak stuff or try things even tho it'll blow the computer up or whatever. I would just like to know these things for common knowledge. I see alot about Leapord 10.5.7 or something like that. Looks great but I don't think PS3 can support it. I wanna know what number like" 10.5.7" is to the equivalent of YDL 5.0. Is it like 5.0.1 or something? Also I wanna play computer games on the YDL OS but I can only find CDRoms that say PC CDRom or whatever, not Windows Specific I know I can't use those, but are PC CDRom ones for Mac? I know its alot but I want to know alot. TY for any info someone might have.
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    I highly doubt you could get OS X running on the PS3. Sure, the Cell can theoretically run PPC code, but that is a hell of a long way from the whole OS running. YDL is a flavor of Linux, it has no relation to Windows, and no relation to OS X beyond also being *nix. If you want to play games on your PS3 while it is booted up in YDL, you will need a Linux specific game compiled for at least POWER/PowerPC, if not the Cell specifically.

    (Also, if my post didn't make sense, you have a lot of studying to do before continuing with the modding path you're on)
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    YDL has nothing to do with the Mac OS. It's simply an alternative OS that can run on PS3 or PowerPC Mac hardware.
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    Aug 15, 2009
    yes you are right the post didn't make entire sence to me but thats why I am on here. To learn all of this kinda of stuff. So I can't just go get an older game like WarCraft, the very 1st one, and put it in and play you are saying because its not linux or YDL specific? I got emulators for NES SNES N64 and already have quite a few games on my system since I posted so I am getting the hang of some things. Whats GNOME? and also NAUTILUS?
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    Ever heard of Google? a good place to get info.

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