Mac OS Server and MobilMe

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  1. josepablomir macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2011
    Is it possible to map a MobilMe folder to a folder in a Mac OS Server to keep it in sync without human interaction?
    We are a small business (very small) which is starting to use iPads in the field to access plans and corporate files from different MobilMe accounts. The problem is that keeping the info up to date in those MobilMe accounts is time demanding and is very hard to keep always every file's latest version on MobilMe.
    Any solution?


    Pablo, NJ.-
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    Nov 28, 2009
    Europe, and Florida
    MobileMe used with SERVER

    Pablo, it is definitely possible. I have a couple of servers, and I created an identical user ID on each, kept in sync via Directory Services. The IDs both have the same MobileMe account, so synching with the Apple MobileMe content I put up there (at Apple) is OK. Keep in mind, they sync with the iDisk. Unless you START the iDisk process of local mirroring on the server, everything is still just up at Apple. Then, you need to consider how to do the sync/copy between what you have locally in some separate business folder and the "local" copy of the iDisk. Something to plan. I am also using Decimus' program for remote synching called SYNK. Great product, easy to use. Check it out. There are also rsync based tools you can explore that do not cost money like SYNK.

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