Mac OS Sierra 10.12.2 and Battery ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by augustya, Dec 22, 2016.

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    Apple had released a statement somedays back that, on the new 2016 15" rMBP the battery is not estimating the remaining time properly and fixed that in the new launched MACOS Sierra 10.12.2 so MACOS Sierra 10.12.2 does not show estimated time, it has been removed. Has anyone still calculated the time the battery gives after fully charged at 100% ? Does anyone get full 9 Hours after 10.12.2 as published by Apple !
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    Quote from this article:

    Apple says there is nothing in 10.12.2 that would improve battery life.
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    Its not the .2 version that fixed it, just that the reinstall cleared out some bugs that drained battery quicker. They could have reinstalled .1 version and get same result
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    I've seen Activity monitor advertising 10-20 hour battery lifetimes on 10.12.2 on light browsing (but lots of tabs) on Safari. Display backlight is the dominating factor on power usage. Base load with dimmed display is around 3 watts, but bright display increases that by 6-8 watts. Sincerely, I haven't had long enough sessions out of charger to see if these estimates hold, but if amperage readings are correct, well over 10 hours with 50% display brightness shouldn't be at all hard to reach.

    I'd say that if I haven't really managed to run out of battery in several weeks of use, the battery life is sufficient for me. I do certainly have also heavier workloads, but I know that no laptop could handle those at full throttle more than couple hours at best...

    Energy efficiency of applications is a major factor for battery life you get. Some applications are better designed to take advantage of that than others; Safari is great, but Chrome is awful, really. In this case, it's really Google to blame, because no laptop can do magic with its CPU power usage without an effect on user experience if the application basically keeps the CPU out of sleep state all the time - and for no reason.
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    I had around 7.5 hours yesterday (I scored ~7hrs and still had 15% charge). MS Word,, Spotify, and occasional surfing. Brightness at around 70%. Not bad, I believe.
    Btw, most of the time fans were off! (CPU temperature was below 40C)

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