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Mac Os training options for newbie


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Jun 15, 2012
Melbourne, Australia
I am about to purchase my first ever Mac going with a MBA 13"/8/128g. I am totally new to Mac. Have an iPhone and iPad so am familiar with iOs.

I will be purchasing the MBA and then go overseas for 5 weeks. (here in Australia you get the tax refunded at the airport - so I am getting a 9% discount)

What are my training options to learn using my Mac? Is it over the phone or can I go in store? I'm not interested in paying for 1on1, but if you think thats worth it let me know.
Does buying a new mac which I will get online from apple as I want the 8gig ram, entitle me to some sort of free training?

I am pretty IT savy as I work in that field already, so don't think I need handholding for that long.
Any manuals out there I can leverage. I enjoy learning as much as I can about a device so that I can get the most out of it.


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May 16, 2008
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