Mac OS X 10.6 and Maya Autodesk 8.5

Discussion in 'macOS' started by julial, Jun 20, 2010.


Do you think Autodesk Maya should create a Patch?

  1. Autodesk should create a patch for old version of Maya

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  2. Autodesk should give a free upgrade to students learning Maya

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  3. Autodesk should give a 75% discount for users that must repurchase the program

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  4. Autodesk Maya should just ignore the problem so that people will choose windows over Macs?

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  1. julial macrumors newbie

    Jan 18, 2008
    :confused:Dear Mac users, I need your help!

    I have recently purchased Mac OS X 10.6 and now Maya autodesk 8.5 will not load. I've tried multiple way to get the program to work, but to no luck.

    It has to do with the 32 vs. 64 bit.

    The new Mac OS X 10.6 runs 64 bit. Autodesk Maya 8.5 is 32 bit. I can't get it to launch or run because of the change. Is there a way to fix this problem?

    I've tried researching for solutions.

    1. Purchase new program. Maya autodesk 2011. But I don't have the money for it right now.

    2. Install older version of Mac such as 10.5. But I read that it's bad to try and install older version on a new mac. That it can crash your computer and your programs still would not run correctly.

    3. Install rossetta and Right click on the icon and choose 32 bit instead of 64 bit. ( I do not know if I have rossetta or how to find out if I installed it on the computer when I started it.) I assume since I didn't load the disks that I don't have it. But how do you find out? Where would you click to see it. ALso, how would I go about fixing and installing it to see if it works.

    4. The other solution is to Purchase a windows computer. But I do not have money for this. Or to Purchase a windows software and load it. But I really don't know if that would work also.

    I hope some one has found a solution to this. Since, I have tried to figure out what is going on.

    Painter also does not work on Mac OS X 10.6. I have installed it but it will not load. As soon as you click on it. The icon closes right away.

    I know there must be a way to fix this problem. But I have tried multiple times to fix it on my own and now I'm reaching out to the brilliant mac people of the world. Hopefully, some one has figured this out.

    Also, when installing I read to first back up all files and archive and than install from a disk. Though, I could not find any good directions on how to do this without loosing all the data on the computer. I've backed up my files, but I don't know why when I insert the disk to reboot the computer. I get the white screen of death and nothing happens. So I figure I'd force eject it in safe mode and not install it. Force eject is alt command RP keys held down until you hear two bongs from the computer.

    I'd appreciate any advise on the computer problem.

    Thanks you

  2. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
    forlod bygningen
    Did you buy a new Mac or just Mac OS X?

    That shouldn't be part of the problem, Mac OS X has a 32-bit and a 64-bit kernel, the 32-bit kernel is loaded as a standard, one has to choose the 64-bit kernel on startup if one wants to start the 64-bit kernel.
    Also Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6 are able to run 32-bit and 64-bit applications, in their 32-bit kernel version and in their 64-bit kernel version.

    If you have bought a new Mac coming with Mac OS X 10.6.x, then installing Mac OS X 10.5 or even 10.4 is not an option.
    If you just bought Mac OS X 10.6, then using the gray restore DVDs for your Mac will help you to re-install the version of Mac OS X it came with.

    No Rosetta is needed, as Maya 8.5 is Universal, that means it can run on Macs coming with PPC CPUs (Macs released until 2006) and Macs coming with Intel CPUs (Macs released since 2006).
    Rosetta is only needed to run PPC-only software on an Intel PC.
    I don't know how to find out if Rosetta is installed, except downloading an older PPC only software like Disk Inventory X, which is able to run in Mac OS X 10.6 via Rosetta. If you can open it, Rosetta is installed, if Rosetta is not installed, Mac OS X will ask you to install Rosetta.

    Which version of Painter?

    Can you be more precise about the steps you have taken to install Mac OS X* and how you backed up your data? As of now, your explanation above is confusing.
    Please go into as much detail with the steps you have taken as you can remember.

    PS: Have you contacted Autodesk yet?

    * which is contradictory to you saying
    unless you bought a new Mac and just installed Mac OS X again.
  3. brucem91 macrumors 6502

    Dec 9, 2009
    I don't exactly remember, but in the installer lies a code that specifies which versions of OS X that support that version of maya. I remember having to add 10.6 and 10.6.* to the installer for Maya 2009. However, hope is not lost for you, if you have access to an educational email. If you go to and register, you can get a free 6 month license of Maya 2010, and a 11 mo license of Maya 2011. You could always try to get an install of Linux running on your mac(rpm based such as fedora or open-suse), and use your install discs to get it running.

  4. Brien macrumors 68030


    Aug 11, 2008
    I hate to say it, but Maya 8.5 is nearing 5 years old. I don't think Autodesk cares if it works - heck, they barely care if 2011 works. You're SOL.
  5. julial thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 18, 2008
    I purchased Mac OS X Version 10.6.4 Mac Pro

    What it says in About this Mac.

    Model Name: Mac Pro
    Model Identifier: MacPro4,1
    Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Xeon
    Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz
    Number Of Processors: 2
    Total Number Of Cores: 8
    L2 Cache (per core): 256 KB
    L3 Cache (per processor): 8 MB
    Memory: 6 GB
    Processor Interconnect Speed: 5.86 GT/s
    Boot ROM Version: MP41.0081.B07
    SMC Version (system): 1.39f5
    SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f5

    on the 64 bit vs 32 ( i don't know how to switch between the two different ones. You choose that on start up? I've don't remember ever choosing that option.) I suppose I am on 32 but I don't know how to tell.

    The Mac starts up with 10.6 on it's own. The DVD start up disc that it originally came with is 10.6. I use to have an older mac a 10.4 and than 10.5 which I no longer have. Since I have this new mac.

    But I pretty sure that the Mac OS X 10.6 can't go back to an older version (software version from a disk).

    In the about this mac it say's Mac pro is the model name. But I don't know if I can format the computer and re-install an older version. IF the standard version is 10.6. Since that is what it came with. I do own the old disc with mac 10.4 from my old computer that was a mac and traded in for the new one.

    When I was trying to re start with a new disk. I saved all my old files to a removable hard drive. I than insert the disk and opened the file and clicked on the icon for Snow leopard. The computer proceeded to turn of and restart. But it got stuck on the white screen of death. So i decided to Force eject the disk by hitting command alt R P keys and held them down until I heard the two bongs which stopped the process and ejected the disk. Every thing was back to normal, and I did not successfully complete the switch over to an older version. I figured it didn't work since this is a new version of 10.6 and it's impossible to go backwards and install older versions.

    I suppose I do not have rossetta since i don't use any windows programs.

    Painter versions I have are 2 and 3. I tried installing them but they never launch. They always quit. But I figured since they are old versions they may not work. I might half to purchase painter 11 now.

    I've tried contacting Maya autodesk. But to no luck. They keep directing me to a 3rd purchase party, which sells the software. The sales people do not understand what I'm talking about. So they direct me to the IT support for Mac and Mac directs me back to autodesk since it's an autodesk software problem.

    Autodesk website is not the best. The links don't work half the time. Doesn't matter what browser you use. The website has lots of bugs in it.

    I'm trying to figure out what else I can do fix this. Any suggestions are welcome.
  6. julial thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 18, 2008
    LOL- i think you are so right

    I think autodesk does not care. I suppose that is why there customer service is dreadful and if that wasn't bad enough the website links don't work.

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