Mac OS X and NTFS

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    i have a problem.... basically i upgraded the hard drive in my mac mini from a 40 gb to a 60gb 7200 rpm drive and the original drive with my stuff on it was corrupted some how (see link) well long story short i formatted the drive and it's working now but i took the drive in an external usb enclosure to my friends house that i made a backup on a couple months ago and figured loosing the last 4 months was better than loosing it all but i plugged my extenal into her comptuer with win xp and it was formatted NTFS no other options...... so i copy my files and bring it home to my mac... can't read it at all.... virtual pc wont' work because in the usb preferences i check the usb to ide device and it unchecks itself i read somewhere that macs can read ntfs but not write but it won't work at all.... i went to versiontracker and tried the NTFS for mac os x thing and that doesn't work... the only thing that does is let me open disk utility without it locking up but i still can't mount the drive... anyone have any advise? i guess worse case senerio i can reformat it with fat32 and go back over to amandas house but i wanna be able to just copy my stuff
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    Format it with Fat32 if you want the best chance of compatibility. When you open up Disk Utility, does it show the drive as a blank drive or as being formated NTFS?
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    This link here has all the info you need on this.

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