[Mac OS X] connection fails using L2TP IPsec VPN

Discussion in 'macOS' started by rabe83, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. rabe83 macrumors newbie

    Jan 7, 2011
    I recently moved from Windows to Mac OS X (10.6.6). Unfortunately this move was not so smoothly as I hoped for and I am currently facing some issues with the VPN-connection to the company I work for. As with many companies they do not have a Mac-guide and I am trying to solve this issue, but so far unsuccesful.

    To access my data on the company’s server (MS TS Environment) I need to establish a L2TP-IPsec VPN connection. I used Mac OS X built in network tool and filled out all the necessary information such as vpn address, shared secret/key, password and accountname. I even double checked the information various times so no spelling errors occurred. After some seconds I receive the message that the L2TP-VPN-server does not respond.

    I checked other posts already and I checked the box that sents all traffic via this VPN-connection but without any results. For a moment I doubted that the cause of this issue might be my home-network: MBA <-> Timecapsule <-> Thomson TG789 … however when I make a L2TP VPN connection using a Windows XP or Vista pc this can be done without problems (using the same network structure) so I guess it is a mac-related problem either with my MBA (Mac OSX) or with the companies servers…

    I found out that using the console.app can provide me with some more information about the connection process:
    - L2TP connecting to server
    - IPSec connection started
    - IKE Packet: transmit success.
    - IKE Packet: receive success.
    After a couple of attemps from the 6th message it suddenly shows:
    - IKE Packet: receive failed.
    - IKE Packet: transmit success.
    - IKE Packet: receive failed.
    -IKEv1 Phase1: maximum retransmits.
    -IKE Packets Receive Failure-Rate Statistic.
    And this finally results in ' IPSec connection failed'

    Does anyone has an idea of what the problem might be (e.g. the settings of the MAC or the settings of the companies VPN or ???) and maybe a solution for this problem?
    Many thanks from a newbie but satisfied Mac-user!
  2. index.xp macrumors newbie

    Feb 12, 2009
    im having the same issue... did u managed to fix it?
    the problem with me is that there is a pre defined shared key also...
    tks everyone!

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