Mac OS X "hacking"?

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Jun 6, 2007
Akureyri, Iceland
Hey there, a friend og mine has a MBP (and so do I) and claims to have some photos on it that he won't let us see.

Is there any way i could "hack"(being able to browse the disk contents) into his system without knowing his password by wireless or bluetooth network.

i could maybe be able to get into his computer to turn something on or something like that, as long as I don't need the password (i need password to create another user to log in as, and that wouldn't give me acces to his user files)

I'm not planning to post those pictures, spread them among my friends, or "use" them myself.. My only purpose is to tease him a bit, and bragging to him that i was able to get those photos, and them be honest with him and delete them photos.


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Jun 16, 2004
Bypassing security of computers is illegal and cannot be discussed on MacRumors.

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