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King Mook Mook

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Hi Everyone,
I have been wondering how Apple got the Nebula backgrounds (the ones in Leopard and Snow Leopard) and by that I mean how were they made and just generally how they got them. This may sound really noobish or silly but I am just curious and I find this stuff interesting (nerd, I know). So if you could help it would be much appreciated!

King Mook Mook

P.S. Here are the backgrounds if you did not know about them: Leopard:
Snow Leopard:


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Dec 30, 2011
They look like processed images of the Orion nebula to me, an example of which can be found here...

It is in fact the same ORION Nebula, and i subconsciously chose it to be enhanced by this guy (link below)... then saw the video and went, HA! thats the NEBULA that i submitted!!!
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