Mac OS X planned early 2000?

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    In video from WWDC 1999 (Here is the link) Apple showed OS X to public - by that time without Aqua but with Cocoa - Jobs have said that they are going to release OS X early next year (early 2000) but in fact it was released more than 2 years later. What caused such a big delay?
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    The first consumer edition of OS X was released early 2001. The first server edition was released sometime in 1999.

    Anything could have delayed it. Does it really matter?
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    Apple released OSX 10.0 beta in 2000, so technically they did produce something for people in 2000.
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    On September 13, 2000 Apple released a $29.95[78] "preview" version of Mac OS X (internally codenamed Kodiak) in order to gain feedback from users.[79]
    The "PB" as it was known marked the first public availability of the Aqua interface and Apple made many changes to the UI based on customer feedback. Mac OS X Public Beta expired and ceased to function in Spring 2001.[80

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    Prior to the Public Beta, there were 4 beta's aka "Developer Previews".

    DP 1 & 2 had the "Rhapsody" interface but Carbon was present.
    DP 3 & 4 had the "Aqua" added, similar to the Public Beta.

    Transforming NeXTSTEP via Rhapsody (added Copland features) to Mac OS X 10.x (added Carbon and Aqua) must have been a huge, huge effort.

    What a time that was... :eek: Steve was back, that was cool.... But Apple still had a long, long way to go: The G4 was lagging (the 500 MHz debacle), Mac OS X was still only in (early) development, Windows 2000 and the Pentiums were soaring..!
    We have come a long way! :):apple:

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