Mac OS X reinstall: issue with Remote Install over ethernet (solved, pls delete)

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mars111, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. mars111 Guest

    Thanks for the great Mac OS X reinstall thread!

    However I have some issues reinstalling Mac OS X. I do not own an external dvd drive but I have access to other Windows and Mac computers (university network) and I own the Apple USB to Ethernet adapter.

    I do not have problems to access the computer when Mac OS is started, I can view the content of the Remote Disk. But it seems to disconnect from time to time. Could the router be the cause of this problem?

    When I start the Remote Installer on the other computer, and the restart my macbook air pressing [alt] the screen turns kinda siverlish and nothing will happen (I pressed the button several times and every time about 10 min).

    When I unplug the adapter an press the [alt] button, the boot menu appears just as normal. Plugging in the adapter after the boot menu appeared does not help because the computer won't find any other startup option than the macbook air hard disk.

    When I try the same thing with a wireless connection I can find the start disk in the boot menu, however because of the slow wireless connection it took me about 20 min just to start up, so I gave up.

    What do you think is the problem? And what would you do?
  2. mars111 thread starter Guest

    All right, I solved it..
    Just create a small network with one hub/router and two computers and it'll work out fine..

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