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    First of all, I have no experience with Mac OS X Server. I don't know much about it. I haven't used it yet. I'm thinking of installing Mac OS X Server on my MacBook and use it as my main operating system. What are the differences between the server and the client version? Is there any other configuration that must be done? Also my friend said it's faster and consumes less RAM, is that true? He also said it's not compatible with all Mac apps. I doubt it's true, but is he right?

    Thanks in advanced
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    i woud not do it. there are some things that will not run on SLS. Server is good for hosting services like websites/mail server/DNS server and stuff like that I wouldn't run it on a client machine. It doesn't like to be shut down all the time and likes to run for days/weeks/months at a time with out a shut down
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    I agree with you except for the above statement. It's not going to cause data corruption or errors if you shut it down all the time. Will the performance be less if you shut it down nightly? Maybe, but that depends on what services you run and how many users are connected to it. It is likely running SLS on one machine with only one local user (meaning on the console, not across the network) will never see a performance drop at all.

    The only software package I saw that didn't like the server OS was iLife back on 10.3. That said, a simple modification to a .plist file got it installed correctly.
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    Personally i have just installed SL Server for the first time on our work network. I wouldn't use it as a main OS at all. It's great as a server but not as an everyday machine. The learning curve is also huge.
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    I'm in the midst of bringing up a new Mac Mini with SLS to replace an 8 year old PC doing server duties. I've got 6 other Macs in the house, running Snow Leopard or Leopard (a G5 iMac).

    There is no reason to use Snow Leopard Server on any Mac that isn't doing server duties, and even in most home cases Snow Leopard can do the desired server tasks. Since you aren't intending to use it as a server, it would be a total waste of time and money.
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    No, it requires more Ram.

    Direct from apple. 1gig vs 2gigs.

    I have SLS installed in my mac mini with currently 1gig. While it does run, there is noticable bogging town at times compared to when I just has SL.

    I've just been lazy in upgrading the ram on it. I've had 4gigs of memory just sitting next to it waiting for me to install it for the past several months. I'm confident that will fix my occasional slowness.
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    Third world **** hole, I mean, Brazil
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    SLS on Mac Mini works well

    I disagree with many of the above posts. I have a MMS with SLS that I use as a HTPC. I have it hooked to my Sony XBR via Monoprice HDMI combo cable. I installed iLife 09 without incident. I use Plex as an alternative to Front Row and it works well. I got the MMS because of the two 500 GB hard drives and use the Air DVD accessory.
    I too was apprehensive about whether or not Front Row and if any other programs were not compatible but so far so good.
    My plan was to try MMS and if no luck to install SL client and run SLS under Virtualbox but so far I have enjoyed the expanded possibilities of SLS. I use it as DNS server, iCal and Podcast functions. I have barely scratched the surface but so far I have been extremely satisfied with this setup.

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