MAC OS X Server missing iLife, what else?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by d21mike, Sep 3, 2010.

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    I got my second Mac Mini. I decided to get the Server Version because I liked the hardware (2 500 GB drives) and I wanted to play around with the Server Features. The Apple Guy at the Store did not indicate there was any of the client software missing on the Server Version. He mainly just said it was missing a DVD Drive which I new. Being fairly new to the Mac OS I was not really sure what to ask. My background is many years of Windows Experience (server and client). So, I kind of assume it would have everything the normal Mac OS has plus all of the Server Add-on's (like the Windows Server). Was I wrong, is it missing more then just iLife? I understand iWork does not come on either version. This machine is for my home office. On this machine I am also running Parallels with Windows 7 that is working great. If all goes well I plan to move it into my real office where I have 4 Windows Servers and 6 Windows 7 machines.
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    Bootcamp i believe is another app apple doesn't include on its server version
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    You should also know that 'Server adjusts some parameters on the kernel to focus on more server-like tasks. This has a number of performance side-effects, such as QuickTime not performing as smoothly. This is intentional and a benefit for actual servers, but does not bode well for a single-user system.

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