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  1. TheSilencer macrumors regular

    May 27, 2007

    I got a strange problem by trying to print from a windows computer at work. The printer is a Canon IX4000, Mac OS X 10.4.10 Server on a PowerMac G4.

    I can print over network from any Mac but not from a windows machine. The printer showed up as IPP or LPR Printer in bonjour for windows, without bojour i can just add a network printer, find the IX4000 and done.
    Now, I try to print the test page or whatever, the printjob goes to the server, shows up at the printer queue as "done" but the printer doesn´t print anything? :confused:

    Please help!

  2. TheSilencer thread starter macrumors regular

    May 27, 2007
    Sorry for bumping this thread.

    I just tested printer sharing at home with my computers. I usually use a printserver for my printer without any problems, but for testing issues I connected it via USB.

    Both Macs running 10.4.9, PC running WinXP SP2, printer is a HP 6540 and it doesn´t work with printer sharing from the Mac to XP. If the printer is connected to the XP computer I have no problems. However, I can add the printer as a network printer at Windows but i can´t print anything.

    I read that I have to setup the printer as postscript printer on Windows. WTH? That means that I have not the full fuctionality of the printer on the Windows machine, cause the postscript driver doesn´t refer to all functions, like borderless printing.

    So, please, is there a software that makes printer sharing as easy as it is under Windows? Yes this is weird!

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