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Discussion in 'macOS' started by QSho, Jun 28, 2012.

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    Greetings to you all.

    I have been wondering about the current trajectory of Apple's [Mac] OS and hardware, and so, I've come up with this "theory" about where it's heading.

    There are a few things that to my point of view are somehow connecting:

    - OS X's upgrade cycle has decreased to one year.
    - OS X "look&feel" are getting closer and closer to iOS's.

    Now, to business.

    I think that apple is speeding up the releases os the OS X just to get "quickly" to the OS XI, announcing "Touch capabilities". We all think that the new releases of lion and mountain lion are somehow, "poor", but my guess is that they're trying to increase the version, just that, while Ive works on the hard on having the hardware ready.

    If we imagine an 11" MacBook Air with the screen were the keyboard is right now, we would have some sort of an "iPad Pro", with full [Mac] OS functionality, which es extremely cool, the only problem is that today, OS X is not ready for that. Merging iOS and [Mac] OS will also, as I thought last year a natural transition between iOS users to [Mac] OS. I first thought it was only a way to lure clients from handheld yo desktop/laptops, but now, I think it can be also for that purpose, specially after Microsoft's new tablet.

    So by saying this, two years from now we could have the tablet everyone wants and that I'm going to buy.

    Just a Thought...
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    Of course, your theory is based on the erroneous assumption that "everyone wants" a tablet or touchscreen. Many (probably most) don't want either in a computer. If Apple were to move completely to iOS and tablets, getting rid of notebook computers, I know I'm not the only one who would stop buying from them.
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    True, you couldnt add a touchscreen to an iMac or a MacBook pro, that wasn't my point, this would be a totally new product.

    My assumption is not based on what I think people want, or what I want, its based on what I see and where I think they are heading, and if this product see the light, it's something I would seriously consider to buy, and people that complaint of iPad's lack of usb port too (for example...)
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    If you're worried that Apple is going to merge iOS with OS X, this article shows a few reasons why Apple will continue to keep them separate (at least for a while)
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    Actually, you can do everything you can do on a Mac equally well or better on a 15" iPad Pro, because iOS 8 Alpha 3 truly takes everything that's great about the Mac and makes it even better, yet touch-friendly. And with the all new iStylus prototype, the interaction is more precise and natural than ever.

    Oh, spoiler alert.
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