Mac OSX HDD Corrupted?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by thisjanuary, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. thisjanuary macrumors newbie

    Jul 23, 2008
    Turned my Macbook on this morning to find the grey screen with the Apple logo and the spinning circular loading graphic, as normal. However, that loading graphic just keeps on spinning, and OSX doesn't load.

    I've got a Windows dual boot on the hard disk, booted it into Windows fine and MacDrive says that my Mac partition is corrupted.

    There's a fair bit of important data on there, and I've never done any kind of data recovery on a Mac before (only owned this one about six months).

    I've tried holding Apple+S when booting and using the fsck -f command to check for errors. It found something wrong saying "Keys out of order (4, 15352)", and sat saying "Rebuilding Catalog B-tree." indefinitely. Nothing was working, I could still type (though typing exit or reboot didn't do anything).

    I've tried putting my Leopard disc in and repairing the install. The Leopard disc doesn't even find a Leopard installation on the drive, and if I use Disk Utility, clicking Verify Disk doesn't seem to yield any results, i.e. I click it, no loading, no activity. Repair Disk is greyed out, so I can't use that either.

    MacDrive running on the Windows partition DOES still show the correct amount of free space on the Mac partition.. so my stuff is still there. I just need a way to get it off. I don't have another Mac, or really any friends with Mac's, so I can't run it in Target mode with a firewire link.

    Anyone have anything for me to try? I really need what's on the drive.
  2. m1ss1ontomars macrumors 6502

    Oct 1, 2006
    Well, you really should have made backups. Because you're using Boot Camp (presumably), you really should have Leopard already and thus Time Machine, which is so easy to use there isn't really an excuse for not backing up...

    As for your data, have you tried DiskWarrior to repair your disk? I've never had to actually recover data (just used it for repairing minor errors on my own computer, because where I volunteer, all data and drives are replaceable) but it's consistently given good reviews.

    If you can't even using Disk Utility to verify your disk, I'm not entirely sure what can be done...are you sure you can't copy everything off of it using MacDrive? I thought it allowed you to mount disks as read-only...

    You might be able to use an app with abilities similar to Data Rescue II to recover data...I've never actually recovered any data; mostly I use that to check if "Erase free space" worked properly. In fact I only have the demo of that.

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