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Jan 23, 2015
Hi Guys,

The company I work for have a windows based software. I have been tasked to get the software working with MAC by using parallels.

My physical Machine specs are as follows:
Core i5
16GB Ram

I am using Oracle VirtualBox to run a VM of Mac OS X Mountain Lion onto which I assigned 4 processor cores and 10GB of RAM.

OSX works like a charm

I installed Parallels.

When I start up parallels to install windows on it. I get an error: prl_err_hvt_not_present_warning

I can only get to the point where it says starting windows. There it hangs for ever.

Can someone please advise.

Thank you



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May 3, 2009
check out the forums at insanely Mac. They're dedicated to the whole hackintosh movement.

AFAIK, I only know of running OS X inside Vmware and not Virtual Box. I know its possible to do so in Vmware.


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Aug 8, 2009
Make sure only 1 virtualisation app is installed on that machine. In this case uninstall Virtualbox first, then install Parallels. Also, read up on how many resources (cpu, memory) you need to assign because the way you've set up is very prone to major performance issues. Start out with the minimum assigned resources (just accept the defaults) and go from there. Slightly increase memory when you need to but don't assign boatloads of cpus and memory like you've done now (might have well caused the error you are receiving since you've practically assigned the entire cpu to the vm, OS X doesn't have anything to run).
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