Mac/OSX Saves the day!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by AshMan, Oct 1, 2010.

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    May 1, 2010
    Today just cinched the deal for me with regards to OSX / MAC being the better platform than windows/pc.

    I had already done the hackintosh deal with an EEEpc and found OSX to be a great OS. I am a PC person by trade, having worked on pc's professionally and as a hobby for over 20 years.

    Well to make a long story short, my boss got mad at his laptop and bent it over his knee during a hard drive write cycle and well lets just say that he killed the hard drive. The poor compaq laptop is badly beaten but suprisingly still works with a new hard drive though the case is torn up.

    After several days trying to access any shred of data on his hard drive with various windows based systems, xp, windows 7, vista, and even linux, we had just about given up. So I said the only thing left to do is to send it for a Data recovery estimate. We sent it off to ontrack, paid the $65.00 and got good news that they could retrieve the data. Of course this came with a price tag of $1400.00 to get his data which he really only cared about his pictures, about 1 gb worth. So we had them send the drive back. Upon receiving it, figured hey they got the data imaged, so I can mess with the drive if need be. he sure as hell wasnt going to pay $1400.00 for some photos as it just wasnt that important to him when he could buy himself 3 PC based laptops for that price

    Of course all the pc's I have around the house would not read the disk partition and no partition repair/disk repair tools could do anything with it. But I noticed the drive sounded different than when we sent it in, it was actually much quieter, so I figure they may have partially fixed something as it was no longer clicking and grinding when on, just seeking then dying out off and on now.

    Here comes my recently purchased macbook with OSX. Plug in the drive, and a few seconds later I am staring at the contents of his drive. I quickly grab his photos folder and drag it to my desktop. It starts copying and fails but only after it had gotten almost the entire library photos. after about an hour of trying I managed to recover a total of about 95% of his photos. His library totalled 1.2 gb and I got 1.17 gb of them on my mac.

    For kicks put the drive back in the pc and it could not read it. popped it back in the mac and I could get access to some of the files I needed.

    Seals the deal for me, never will I buy a PC again. I will only buy an apple computer.

    Can't wait to see how happy my boss is that I not only retrieved almost all his photos, but we managed to stick it to ontrack for the $1400.00 they wanted to retrieve his pictures. Sure they got $65.00 out of him, but that is all they will get. Too bad ontrack you coulda made at least half that money had you been willing to negotiate for the retrieval of his photos.

    Mac and osx saved the day!

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