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    Hi :)

    I have a mac mini running OS X Server, Mavericks. It is currently just on my wifi network, but as I also use it as a media player and streaming video from the internet I would like to hook it up with a LAN connection as well. The wifi connection would then only be for Time machine backups from a macbook air and remote control (hippo remote etc.).

    The problem is that last time I plugged in a cable along with the wifi-connection the filesharing/time-machine went crazy. I couldn't connect to the server from other macs and only once I unplugged the cable OR disabled wifi I could connect. I don't know much about servers and networks, but it seemed like the fact that the server suddenly had two IP's on the network confused the clients... :confused:

    So how do I setup my Mac server with both wifi and lan connection without getting these issues and is there anyway I can direct it to use wifi or lan for specific tasks (e.g. it would always use the wired for streaming)?

    Thanks in advance

    (On a side-note: some might argue that wifi would be fast and stable enough for streaming, but it just isn't here and there are so many wifi networks nearby that it's hard to get a vacant channel - we have constant dropouts and slow response I just don't bother troubleshooting it anymore).
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    Hi there

    I am using both here, but your server should be connected with a LAN cable to your router, and your router provide your Wifi for your home or business...

    You cannot have both LAN and Wifi active on the server, it create complications... one or the other.
    Also you should alway use a router, which provide a firewall and give you more protection from the outside world.

    myself i am using my server with an Airport Time Capsule for wifi & LAN, and Time Machine, i am using my router ISP - internet service provider to control PORT Forward and DHCP address.

  3. mvmanolov macrumors 6502a

    Aug 27, 2013
    i have not had issues with using the wifi on my server mini... (while also using link aggregation - 2 LAN connections).

    You may want to ensure that your ip's (for each interface -wifi or lan) are statically assigned... you can set this up either on the mini itself or the router (personally i set mine up on the router and is dependent on the riven mac address.

    then if you are using the DNS service, you may want to make sure that that is resolving correctly. here are couple of guides that i found extremely useful in setting mine up:

    and this though the other two are much better imho:

    p.s. i wouldn't use wifi for file sharing... btw... Lan is just soooo much faster that wifi seems kind of silly... anyways your call... (i use my wifi only for the mapping app)
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    Apr 9, 2012
    Maybe I misunderstand something, but I don't wanna use my mac server as an access point. I have a router which broadcasts the wifi in my home. If it was just a question of the other macs accessing the fileshares and Time Machine I guess I could do with the LAN connection between the router and Mac Mini and then having the remaining devices contact the fileshares on the Mac Mini through the router.

    However it seems like stuff like hippo remote and similar things requires BOTH devices (here iPhone and my Mac Mini) to be on the same wifi.

    Can I tell the server app only to use a wired connection and let other programs use the wifi?
  5. Alrescha macrumors 68020

    Jan 1, 2008
    There should be no reason for you to turn on wifi on your server. Everything (wired and wireless devices) should be able to reach your server through your router. There would be no advantage to turning on wifi, as even if it worked everything is still going through your router since it is the wireless access point.

    If you are driven to turn on wifi because something is not working, I recommend you debug that separately.

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    Apr 9, 2012
    Thanks for all the replies. Well. I gave it a try and plugged in the cable and this time I got it to work. I use static IP on my router for both connections and in the server app under DNS I removed the hostname with the wifi IP. That's it :)

    So I still have wifi open on the Mac Mini. I might try to turn it off some day, but now I just want to enjoy that my server/media center works flawless :)

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