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    I have used both systems and recently decided to switch back to Mac OS X as my desktop and purchased one of the 5k RiMacs maxed out.

    I have no issues with my iMac what so ever, it has a real nice screen, it don't over heat, and so far has been a good machine hardware wise. early days yet though.

    I also have a Macbook pro 2.4g i7 15" which has also been a good machine although a lot have suffered with the radeongate issues of GFX cards failing and apple has an open lawsuit against them for this issue yet to be resolved. So far mine is still running ok.

    2 things i have noticed since my return to mac desktop is the OS X reliability i was used to on my mac pro 4.1 and bugs in it. also the way apple seems to be going. I used to use an iPhone 5s but last upgrade decided to go with a note 4 as my phone and for mobile internet use. I am so glad i did, connectivity and ability to upgrade storage and change the battery is the main reason.

    First OS X yosemite V windows 10 beta. windows wins hands down on speed and stability, if my iMac could run mavericks i would go back to it but apple being apple you can't go back to an early OS X on new hardware. in bootcamp windows flys along and is silky smooth. windows has got rid of the bloat which OS X seems to be getting more of, with IOS devices connectivity being paramount at the cost of stability for Mac OS X desktop users.

    Mac app store see's the worst release reviews of any OS X apple has released 2.5 stars out of 5 kinda says a lot from the Mac OS X user's, forget the Apple fan boys who go from forum to forum saying how good yosemite is etc the app store download reviews are General public reviews. more valid than fan boy thread arguments.

    so far yosemite takes 2nd place to windows 10 in performance and stability and thats on an Apple Rimac.

    My Macbook pro has mavericks on and it works well on that, has SSD of course which helps but again you have to enable trim thanks to cindori as apple blocks it unless its fitted by them. about time apple woke up to other hardware support a little as well as other app support which isn't under apple control. Skype isn't allowed to use file transfer on IOS devices by apple.

    A friend just got rid of her iPad air cause iMovie won't allow direct import from drop box and Skype won't allow file transfer on iPad. she bought a galaxy tab S and loves it. she can upgrade storage space and also gets full use of importing from drop box. simple things really and apple also lost her loyalty for iPhone as well, now she tells me she has a note 4 like mine. again upgrade storage space and its connectivity, its far superior and she isn't just stuck with iTunes.

    I am not saying android or windows is perfect by any means, but apple's old rep of being top dog in desktop and IOS devices is slipping fast cause yosemite and the latest IOS are hardly groundbreaking or any where near the quality of past apple release's in stability.

    Apple design is what sells it, its the hardware inside the design's we love that is far from perfect,s as expensive note book pro owners will tell you. iMac owners as well with hardware failures of the most expensive all in one desktops. will the first Rimac stand the test of time or as we all say now make sure you have apple care cause if it fails you might find it cheaper to buy new.

    I know there will be apple fans who will trash this post with unforgiving apple greatness. I do not deny apples design and prowess in its software and OS X of days gone past. but you have to be subjective and say if they don't check the ability to upgrade, like soldered RAM and non ability to add more storage and let apps do what there good at and import other files from other machines which are not apple based, allow trim support for other hardrives than there own over priced versions. then as people become more aware like my friend and myself with the note 4 it will go backwards not forwards as people start to see that other software and hardware companies overtake in pure connectivity and performance, and last but not least reliability of the most expensive hardware on the market Apple. joe public has voted on yosemite and these forums are filled with issues of new hardware problems and reliability of that hardware. for the price point you should expect to be buying the best hardware available. but these days apple see's $$$$ first above its customer's.

    By the way i love the screen on my Rimac:D
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    Oct 19, 2014
    You are spot on. I will be looking at a Win 10 computer later this year after 6+ years of mac and 10 years since owning a windows computer. Yearly OSX releases are a joke. It's too complicated software, even for apple's engineers, to get right in such a short amount of time. For someone that works for a living and uses a computer as an integral part of that, I would much rather pay $100-$200 and get a lean/fast/efficient OS supported longterm (Microsoft).
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    I think you both have salient points regarding the latest OSX release. I am not upgrading to 10.10 for the main reason that it is basically IOS8 for mac desktops and laptops imho.

    I would run Windows on Paralells VM if push comes to shove (i went off dual booting a long time ago)

    Apple need to get back to distinguishing between the mobile device and the static work horse i.e. as stated in my first paragraph.

    “...but these days apple see's $$$$ first above its customer’s.”

    I think is a sad but true reflection tbh...

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