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    DataVault Password Manager for Mac version 6.2.23 is now available in the Mac App Store.

    New features include;
    - Settings to configure font size and type.
    - Settings for default Template, Category and Type.
    - Numerous usability enhancement for Item details screen.
    - Security setting to Clear Clipboard on Exit and Lock DataVault.
    - Support for Dropbox Sync API version 2.
    See What's New for a complete list of improvements.

    Thanks to all the users who helped test the beta versions. We really appreciate your support!

    A complete description with screenshots can be found on the DataVault for Mac home page.

    Questions and comments are welcome.

    Marc Bolh
    Founder Ascendo

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    I was fortunate like many others to already have the IOS version on my iPhone 7 and also the windows edition of the desktop app.
    Natural to jump on the MAC Version as well. Of course cost is reasonable compared to its only rival app and feature rich I think. It is what I look for when I am spending money for an app and am sure everyone does.
    I installed it on my MBA and was impressed right away especially since this is already the 2nd version and it matches nicely with my iPhone and amazed how fast you catch on and how it syncs.
    I can already tell I am going to have this as a constant go to app because I can think of other uses besides passwords.
    My first impression is 4 Stars and solid. Hey my first impression right and make the Devs of this app work for the fifth stair.
    I will also put this on the App Store as a review so more people can get this as well. Hey keep it up because this looks good to me.
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    I know I just posted a reply to Marc who wrote about the new version of DataVault Password Manager for MAC so I just wanted to say separate from my reply to him and give my honest opinion about it on my own.
    I really like this app a lot and besides already updating with more features which impresses me and always does when I am paying for and deciding to keep an app the features are worth while for sure and I am glad I got this app for my MAC. Now all I do is everything from the new MAC version and it syncs in seconds to my iOS version and that makes me happy. One task for the price of two so to speak. Keep up the good work and thank you
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