mac plus networking & boot problems - help needed!

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by danimations, Sep 12, 2006.

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    Sep 10, 2006
    Adelaide, South Australia
    I currently have an ethernet network established in my home studio, consisting of two current PCs, and soon an Amiga 1200... now it's time to expand 'the family'. :rolleyes:

    I saved a Mac Plus from hard rubbish collection this week, and thus have a couple of problems to solve. Firstly, I have no boot disc. Secondly, the machine uses 800k floppies which can't be read on my other machines. I also picked up a 20sc (external hard drive) the same day, but since the machine won't boot from it, can't test the machine or the HD for working status. Both unit & HD power up... sound okay and the Mac merrily prompts fro a boot disc.

    I would like to set up the machine with OS6 or 7, some nostalgic games, and maybe internet connection sharing (if the machine's up to it) but need someone here's assistance. If someone could make me a boot disc for OS6/7 with some diagnostic tool to test the SCSI HD and open an ethernet link, that'd be ace.

    Once that's done, if everything's working, i like the idea of transferring downloaded data from my PC to the Mac Plus (binhex and stuffit progs) via ethernet. Is this possible, and does it matter what brand of SCSI ethernet card I source?

    So many questions... so few answers! Any help with the above would be appreciated. :confused:
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    Jun 18, 2002
    near Boulder, CO. USA
    I have a bunch of old Macs - plus, luggable, Outbound Kangaroo, several portables etc. I also have some software for the oldies. e-mail me :zac4macATmacDOTcom and I'll see what i can send your way.


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