Mac port install throws error when installing geany or umbrello?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by joshis1, Nov 4, 2014.

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    I am from a linux background - I use fedora core . There I install the software using yum.
    I got to know that the similar is called ports in the mac world. I have a macbook pro - MD101HNA. I have installed qt-5.3 version, basically I downloaded the source code and have build it. There is no readymade versions available in the macport. Now, when I try to install umbrello or geany - I get the errors - looking for qt4 dependencies. How can I resolve this. I did the following - sudo port install umbrello. sudo port install geany. Also, I see that it keeps downloading a lot of files. The umbrello is dependent on the kdelibs. Thus, it installed a lot of files. Is it safe to use macports? Is it authorized from apple? Although, I have already installed it now.
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    Macports should take care of all the dependencies it needs to install a package. That's what you are seeing. However looking at the dependencies of umbrello this thing is a nightmare. qt4-x11 is listed and you installed qt-5.3. You should look at the Macports documentation if there's a way to install by pointing to the already installed libraries and header files of qt-5.3. You can also install fedora core into a virtual machine and save yourself the headache. Or install one of the meta-packages for KDE.

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