Mac pro 1,1 2006 running 64bit windows 7

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  1. MitchellRhys macrumors newbie

    Jul 8, 2012
    Hello everyone,
    I made this thread because I need assistance in installing windows 7 64bit home premium (retail dvd) to my early mac pro 1,1. I have currently installed snow leopard 10.6.8, and windows 7 32bit home premium via boot camp. I have tried various methods such as two which surpass the "select cd rom type error" to no avail, whereby I have burnt many new dvds with new installers.

    My main problem is i do not have the "select cd rom type error" at all, when i try to boot from my windows 7 64 bit disk i hear my cd churning in the disk drive, and then i see the apple logo on the screen. The apple logo switches every second or so, to a folder symbol, and an access denied symbol. This lasts indefinitely. Every method I have tried so far are here although i am missing links to various other sites which say the same thing.

    And so ultimately, my question is:
    Does anyone have this same error and/or know how to surpass it?

    Thank you.
  2. macguru9999 macrumors newbie

    Aug 9, 2006
    I just thought I would share my Mac Pro 1.1 experience. I recently had to replace a failed memory riser card by buying a pair from ebay (they both failed a month apart) and took advantage of the opportunity to replace my Mac Pro 2006 with the 2008 model for $700 and inserted my drives and upgraded to 10.8.5. Just holding off on Mavericks for now... Bought a Radeon 5770 and graphics are just peachy (i'm not a gamer). Then I put a samsung ssd 512gb in as the system drive and a 3tb for data so that machine is going fine

    What to do with the 2006 Mac Pro?. No one wants it on ebay so I thought i'd try it on Windows. Windows 32bit loads via boot camp once you figure out how to recognise the sata bus (depends on your windows 7 dvd version i think) but under 32 bit you only get 2gb usable ram ! something , not just video is addressing 2gb so that *****. You cannot boot off the 64bit dvd (try it) so i installed 64bit windows 7 on a clean drive on my core2dou pc then put the drive in my 4core xeon mac pro. It booted fine and installed alot of drivers for the xeons automatically. Then I got some drivers from 64bit bootcamp and sound drivers from the realtek website. Then , I upgraded to 64 bit windows 8 pro and everything still works. Then, I downloaded the free windows 8.1 pro update and everything still works..... As PCs go, this is still a pretty fast machine, and gives little away to , say an i5 or i7. If you put in an SSD and gamers video card it would fly, but i dont need that....

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