Mac Pro 1,1 impossible multiboot config - or is it?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by p3ster, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. p3ster macrumors newbie

    Dec 21, 2015
    Hello. I`m trying to achieve this on a mac pro 1.1:
    1 hd, 4 partitions (done)
    partition one - lion (done)
    partition 2 - mavericks (done, boot.efi mod)
    partition 3 - el capitain (done, boot.efi mod)
    partition 4 - win7 64bit - problem

    I realise that this setup is not officially ok, but since what I`ve done on partitions 2 and 3 is not officially supported and was possible, than maybe the last step is too?
    So far I`ve managed to get win7 64 on the partition by restoring it from another drive which had the regular el cap + bootcamp win setup using disc utility and hoped to use win install dvd to fix booting issues. Generally, the win7 on partition 4 works, installed bootcamp drivers, but ONLY when the other drive is connected. When I disconnect the other drive is disconnected I get the message like "no bootable items found. insert a bootable disc" (quoting from memory now), and if I try to launch system repair tools from install DVD, I get "This versionn of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows you are trying to repair..." I am using the same DVD that was used to create source installation.

    Any chances? I have two other mac pros available (3.1 and 5.1 with yosemite on one, elcap on the other and win7 64 on both) and some hds to assist in the process.
    i'm thinking about launching sys repair with the other drive connected, but what to do there in cmd? (I did the automated part, no luck). And since there is some kind of "point of reference" dependency - how to get rid of that?

    I know the setup is impractical, will not have full recovery partition benefits, but it's a challenge, ain't it?
  2. p3ster thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 21, 2015
    Maybe I should add, that the situation is the same when connecting the drive/s and DVD to all 3 mac pros (1.1, 3.1 and 5.1). The windows partition shows up in Startup disk and refit.

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