Mac Pro 1,1 not powering on.....


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bought it from CL.

I put a PATA HD in the optical slot so I would have all 4 SATA bays free for non-boot drives.

I did not power the system on when I bought it nor before installing the HD.

It made a crackle/pop sound and does not turn on at all. I tried resetting the SMC. No go.

The seller said the system hung at the "We aint finding an OS" screen.

Drive is not showing up in Yosemite. Shows up as a "protected partition" in XP. I could not format it WITH XP and did not try a 3rd party.

Anyone have this happen? Is there anything to look for/at?
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Feb 1, 2014
Maybe the HDD is bad, sometimes happen to old hardware. If your Mac Pro cant power on while it has the drive connected, remove it and power it on. Find an external IDE case to place the drive and connect to the Mac Pro via FireWire or USB. If you want the drive and it's content no matter what, use Hirens Boot CD (Google it) so you may recover it's data and/or format it. I haven't tried the CD on a Mac, only on a PC and it's a savior to have in place.
I hope this helps.


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May 8, 2008
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I had a 5,1 that wouldn't start, and the culprit turned out to be a bad GPU. That wasn't on my list of possibilities at all.

So by all means pull the card and see what happens.