Mac Pro 1,1 PCI slot over - logicboard 3,1

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by farbodp, Jun 15, 2014.

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    hey guys,

    at first: sorry for my english.

    i got here an macpro1,1. i upgraded it with new x5355 slaeg cpus an a new ati 5770 graphiccard. after that i saw, the performance of my hackintosh with a i7-960 is better that the macpro1,1...

    my 1st pci slot on the logicboard of the macpro1,1 is over and doesnt work. i got a realy cheap macpro3,1 logicboard and now my question: how can i upgrade my macpro1,1 with this logicboard and cpus etc... cause this board has a 64efi and i think with 2x 3,0 quad xeons it will be faster then my hackintosh.

    I replaced already the macpro1,1 logicboard with the 3,1 one. The only differnce i saw was the the connector pins for the first cpu cooler. They isn't on the bottom of the rams. Its like the connector for the other cpu cooler on the left side of the cpus... When i turn on the macpro now, i didn't hear the startsound, now mac logo will shown on the display. The Monitor is still black. What is specially: When i turn on the macpro, all coolers inkl. the graphiccards cooler start. But when i hear on them, they continuously restart in a endless process.

    Is the Error the incompatibiliy of the cpus oder the risercards? The Seller of the 3,1 Logicboard in ebay told me it will be ok...

    Thanks for Help.

    The pic of the new Logicboard is attached to the thread...

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    You'd probably look at following the guide Granite created for converting a 2006 to a 2008 model. Definitely need a new heat sink and memory cage with risers to complete your build.

    I don't know if 2 X 3.0GHz chips make that much difference over the dual 2.66GHz X5355s in the 2006. What will definitely be useful is the 64-bit EFI to run newer software on the machine natively.
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    The X5355 is an xeon quad and not dual!

    I will check the instructions in your link.

    Here i got the screenshot from the diagnostics leds on the logicboard.. The Upper CPUB light is shown RED... But both CPUs will work on my macpro1,1 logicboard...

    i changed the cpu slots and the cpu error is gone. I put an GT220 (from pc) for a test boot into the mac. I heared the startsound but the mac restarts cont. when i checked now the diag leds. The GPU_PRESENT and EFI_GD blinks in green. I think the gpu here is the problem?

    can somebody tell me, why i have to replace the heatsinks or the riserboards for the ram?

    thanks for your help

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