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    Jan 21, 2015
    Oye mates,

    I know this has been beaten to death, I know because I've read and read until my eyes began to bleed.

    Long story short, My place of work has done an overhaul of the IT dept and they were just going to recycle all of the old tech. I found a 2008 build date Mac Pro with two Xeon x5472 and 16 GB ECC ram and 3 WD Raptor HDDs.

    Now I know about the issues with installing 64 bit OS' because of the 32bit EFI and I have read a few work arounds. I intend to get 10.10 on here and upgrade the GPU to an R9 270X since I have one laying around.

    Now the question. Instead of doing all of the tedious work of the work arounds, can I just install 10.8-10.10 on a HDD from another Mac Pro and then just install the HDD into mine?

    For that matter, can I install win 8 on a HDD in my home PC and then just swap it to the Mac? I understand things may get strange with installing an OS under different Hardware specs, but wouldn't a recovery disk be sufficient to fix potential errors?

    I get that this is probably the most Neanderthal thing to as about doing, but has anyone tried something as stupid simple as that?

    I appreciate you gents in advance. Thanks
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    Feb 10, 2003
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    are you sure that is a 1,1 MP? my old MP was a 1,1, and was built in 2006. If that is a 2008, i think it would at least be a 3,1?

    check on i think they list the most recent OS that can be installed on your model page.

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