Mac Pro 1.1 with PC 5770

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    Hi, my 2006 2.6 Mac Pro has a PC Radeon 5770 installed in it. Now I do not get a boot screen but I am able to power my 1440p monitor and TV on the two DVI ports. The problem is the card is listed as 5000 card with 1024mb ram and it will not play any games. I can run Photoshop with GPU support no problem but for some reasons games will not play. Any ideas what might be wrong to get a PC version fully working? Thanks
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    Flash your card with a ROM built from your own card's BIOS.

    I have done this with a PC 5870. It works (without boot screens) in all Mac Pros, Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and above, without further modification. Read the whole of the thread through first, though, as many questions and potential problems are discussed along the way.

    How to flash an ATI 5xxx & 6xxx

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