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    Hello! this is my first post and i was doing some research to solve an issue, the research (thanks to google who led me to this sweet site).

    I recently bought a graphic card, X1900XT to replace my old X1990XT which just worn out after 9 years. Yep it lasted that long! wow... and the card that i bought last week turned out that it was in PC. Talked to the dude and he mentioned something about a driver, he gave me a link from apple's support for the driver update but.... it was for 10.4 while mine is 10.6.8.

    I would appreciate your help me to fix the issue for the card or point me out to a better card that can run well for Mac Pro 2,1 (2007). I looked all over the site to find the issues but could not help with the right words to match my issue. thanks again!
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    You need a Mac Edition X1900 or an EFI flashed PC Edition X1900 in order for this model of card to work in your Mac . It is not a matter of drivers . They are built into the OS X already .

    A real Mac Edition X1900 looks like this :

    Notice the unique red plastic card support guide .

    A better graphics card that is fully supported in your Mac Pro would be a Mac Edition ATI 5770 . A genuine factory model looks like this :


    Again, notice the unique card support guide and the presence of two mini DP ports .
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    Mar 19, 2016
    Thank you!!!! i appreciate it a lot... now off to hunt for one!

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