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Nov 28, 2018
Hello everyone. I have been visiting this forum for a long time, but it is the first time I have made a consultation.
I don't speak English very well, I just hope to be as clear as possible.

I have a Mac Pro 1.1, updated to 2.1.
It has the following characteristics:

2 X Intel Xeon X5365 processors
30 GB RAM PC2-5300F
ATI Radeon HD5870 (Mac) 1GB
SSD Kingston 240GB

Recently I used it with macOS El Capitan, but since it is several years old and the compatibility with Programs was increasingly scarce, I decided to use it completely as Windows.
On a separate computer, install Windows 10 X64 on my SSD and when I request the first reboot I change it to my MAC. The whole process was fast, I had no problem, it was 100% compatible.
The only driver that did not recognize immediately was something called ACPI, which after searching a bit was fixed by installing the AppleNullDriver X64.
It works very well for the characteristics of this Team with several years. The problem is that it freezes from time to time and I can't figure out the reason. I thought it was something related to temperatures, so I downloaded the MacFacControl and everything looks good.
I have noticed that it usually freezes when I constantly watch a video on YouTube or a Streaming. When I work at Adobe or AutoCAD it doesn't happen to me and they are programs that demand a lot from the Machine.
Has it happened to you? I know it's an old team, but I'm very sad to throw it away.
I do not know if the problem of the EFI32 can harm something, but normally boot without problems Windows 10 X64.
When it freezes, the Fail CPUA and Fail CPUB lights come on on the board, when reset it returns to normal. I bought these processors on EBAY, I cannot guarantee that they are without failures, but it is rare that they fail both at the same time.

I ask for some help, I can't think of what else to do


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May 14, 2008
As you mention it seems to happen when watching videos, my guess would be a GPU related failure.
Try re-seating the card, check for dirty / dusty connection, or replace it.
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