Mac pro 2006-Challenge to Fix!! Help!

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    I am very frustrated and a bit lost...I hope to find a solution because I must upgrade 2 machines and...

    Well, I am a composer from Barcelona, and since a year, I realized than I needed to get a second computer to assist to my main computer, an I7 4770k Haswell processor. I Always wanted to have a Mac Pro, but for many reasons, never I founded the moment...until fews months ago.

    But then, I realized than I could upgrade the processors following a lot of posts from here, from there etc, upgrade the OS X from Leopard, Lion to El Capitan etc, more ram even now, actually, I give you the Mac pro 2006 with El Capitan 10.11.5 and in a additional partition, Windows 10 with DirectX11 as an option in a dual boot!! And it goes perfect!! I am really satisfied because I can get all the 32 GB of ram with both operating systems, when until now, I thought this could not be possibly more than have a windows 7 32 bits...

    Well, having said that, I buyed 3 mac's 2006 to make them the complete upgrade with several Geforce gt8800, 32 GB of ram, X5365 3.0GHZ 8 core cpu's (as always I did with the previous 11 Mac pro sold, everyone without any single problem! and comes the problem I find actually, very strange to me...I repeat, I did this 11 times before with full succes!!

    After to replace the processors (sometimes the old ones are 5160, or models with 2 cores at 3.0ghz, or the 2.66 common models) for the X5365, and ALWAYS from a partition of Snow Leopard or Lion, and checking than the processors are functional and operative, I see the common message on "about this Mac" of "processors 2 x unknowed 3.0 ghz"...Yes, I know...I need to do an upgrade of the firmware with Apple tool firmware update 2006-2007, a tool that you can download here in this web! so...I did always the same process..I connect the machine to internet, and I open the aplication, bla bla..I turn off the Mac, I start the Mac holding until I can hear the large "beep", and the process to update starts, and finally, the Mac starts normally, this time, the new processors are showed as "2 x dual xenon 4 cores 3.0ghz".Ok!! It's correct... the big problem starts when I RESTART (reboot)maybe at the seventh or tenth reboot, I write this so because I don't want to read 100 times than I go to look in other posts about the "Msc doesn't boot" !! No!!! The Mac boots perfectly, all software and hardware if perfectly operative!! for many hours! and even if you are in reposed mode!!...

    Resuming, the Mac's (now I have two with the same problem and I don't want to take the risk of do the same with the third one) BOOTS perfectly!! works great, fast, quiet...but, if I need to restart, for example, after an upgrade or so, the Mac don't make the "chan!!" typical sound, you can hear a sound like if it wants to read something in the dvd drive, and the leds on main board diagnostic CPUA and CPUB FAIL are in red, just blinking a second, and a endless loop with this starts...

    I tested all I can find through Google, the best Apple forums, Apple manuals trying to understand what these lights means...Nothing!!

    I tested SMC reset, VPRAM reset, Main board reset, I changed the cr 32 3 volts battery, I tested with different hard disks, with OS X from leopard to El Capitan (this last one with its Piker Alpha Efiboot) etc etc...

    The most frustrating thing, it's this job I did 11 times before and I never have a problem like this!! At first time I thought, one of these 3 Macs, have some kind of problems..maybe related to main supply, or..logicboard..but it's very difficult cos the first I do when they arrives is checking!! and always has been, it's too much chance, 2 mac's are "broken" , no matter what I do after...

    The third one, now has the new processors inside (x5365), gt8800 GPU and 32 gb of ram...but, works as ever because I do not firmware upgrade as always...but, I need to do it!!! and I am afraid to do it cos 3 macs with the same problem...I will need to close my shop!!!!

    Please...I need your help!! and I write all this cos I need anwers based in things than maybe I forget to do, I am sure it must be some kind of ********!! know? when you ask something to Mr Google and there is NO response about this, particulary, it's very frustrating!!

    So, I hope you can give me some kind of "light" with this

    Tahnks for reading this and thanks in advance to all possible answers!!

    Xavier Duch
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    Feb 21, 2015
    I am not an expert, having only upgraded the processors in one 2008 Mac pro and one 2009 Mac Pro in the past. If I was in your position, I would suspect either the processors were defective or they were not installed properly. I know you have replaced processors on 11 other Mac Pros, but we can always make a mistake. I suggest reinstalling the CPUs and thermal paste, or installing different CPUs to see if that resolves the problem. You have replaced other parts already, and you need to do this in order to rule out the processors as the problem. Remember, the processors that you are installing to upgrade the computer are years old at this point, pulled from other servers, computers, and you can just get a bad set of CPUs.
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    Feb 12, 2016
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    Hello flefman!!

    Sorry...I don't have too much experience with forums and I posted your text as something I write...;(

    Uhmmm...I understand you, it's totally normal I made a mistake and I can forget to do something precise in some moment of the process.I must say than I tested many different couples of processors to have an idea if the problem comes from of a pair of cpu's (Sometimes I noted this and the Mac never can boot, or if it does, a red led diagnostic appears to show me I have a problem with one CPU, no blink, just as static red light).

    I forget to say, than I can boot always I wanted, if I turn off the Mac and I turn on again...and I can work with the Mac all time I's just comes with I try to REBOOT...the "tachan" sounds not appears and the loop of that sound of trying to read something in DVD player it becomes a loop...but the Mac works perfectly in any other tasks you do with it...

    Thank you!!
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    If the CPU's were bad the machine wouldn't boot at all, none of those changes should effect the start-up chime. Espcially as the machines are booting.

    This may sound extremely stupid, but you haven't altered the volume or change output method when setting these two machines up? Even unintentionally?
  5. xaviduch, Jul 30, 2016
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    I don't want to give some ideas only not to influence you..I am sure this must be happen to anybody anytime in the past! but...I think if the problems starts after 7 or 10 reboots, I gues could be some mistake in relation with temperature...

    The fans are working well, speed normal...the heat sinks in boths Macs works well, at least with initial setup without to change any cpu...the sensors of the heat sinks are well connected..both are totally cleaned with a brush during first's like the bootrom was corrupted!! It has been downgraded to 2006 and upgraded to 2007 again, but the problem now still is there.

    I paste you the versions of romboot firmware than I have with and without firmware, just for anybody has another version and could send to me the tool!

    Without apllies firmware : MP11.005C-B08
    After upgrade the firmware : MP21-007F-B06
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    ;) Well...Once! The setup of volume was zero and could not hear the classic sound of start...but no, normally when I feel something so, I check the output of volume...
    Thanks G4DPII
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    Feb 12, 2016
    Hello again! seems to be solved!!! Finally, the problem was related to some ram siims of 4GB than I think are the reason...It's strange, but the Mac pro shows the ram in their slots as OK!! but no...Now I should find which are fail...but the Mac's are fine!!

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    Apr 11, 2015
    I had a similar issue 2006 mac pro some of the ram after I upgraded didn't always show.( I had 2 sockets that were empty before) so I pulled that ram out blew it out and reseated the ram an it worked fine after that

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