Mac Pro 2009 NVIDIA 680 issues

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by EithneO, Nov 11, 2014.

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    Nov 11, 2014
    Hi folks!

    I'm at my wits end here. I'm not tech savvy at all so I left my comp in to get serviced/updated last week. I reckon putting money into my 2009 Mac Pro unit will keep me going for 2 more years then I can get a new one altogether.

    Basic specs:
    Mac Pro late 2009
    2*2.26 Quad Core
    20GB Ram (updated last week from 16)
    Still running 10.7.5 as I completely forgot about the Mavericks update.

    Illustrator - heavy use of Photoshop, lightroom. Moderate use of In Design. Light use of Illustrator. I dont game or have any other apps apart from the standard stuff any artist needs like Filezilla & co.

    Anyway some issues are caused by the so called experts messing up the new SSD drive and the permissions to the other drives. They will be fixing all of that.

    My main issue is below:

    The main thing was to update the old 512 card to a new NVIDIA 680 2GB snazzy job. Grand. The loaded the card in (thankfully I still have my old one). Brought her home and prepared to update to Yosemite and landed in a load of stuff to do with said drives. They remoted in and tried to fix everything. Anyway this is the delay in that update but in the meantime.....

    After doing a very mundane task in Photoshop on Sunday (Master suite 6 installed) the screen froze, no getting into anything. Had to do a force reboot. Worked fine again. Then again today after about a hour of work the same thing happened. Force reboot but I have the log file I'll attach at the end (hopefully).

    After much reading on here and Google I've come to these conclusions:

    1) the 680 Mac drivers are not supported by the Yosemite. I have to download the Quadro & GeForce Mac OS X Driver Release 343.01.01 That has not yet been done as I'm going to bring her back to the service people tomorrow anyway re the other issues.

    2) The card for whatever reason doesn't work for everyone - no idea why (again I'm not tech savvy). Cuba is not installed as I don't want to mess up the bootdisk - remember I've a drive issue too - one problem at a time. Im nursing the drives until tomorrow.

    So my question is should I just get them to put in the old card (it was running slow but ok) send back the 680 and see if I can get the 1GB version that was shipped with the unit (I know I can get one of these). Right now that seems like the safest option as I have a MASSIVE deadline at the start of December.

    Any and all advice welcome. Please I'm not a expert, nor am I tech savvy so normal English please! :D :D I'm at my wits end, If I don't do this job then my career will suffer badly :-( There may have been tears earlier :-(


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  3. EithneO thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 11, 2014
    Like I said I'm not tech savvy but I did some googling and came to the same conclusion. It's just so annoying :mad::mad::mad: I went to a Mac/Apple approved service agent with "excellent" service because I was afraid to do it myself. I Myself and Google probably would have done a better job of it!
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    Probably for now revert back to your previous OSX until a solution comes out with the freezing in Yosemite. If you're on a tight deadline and need to get things done, it's safer to stick to the existing OS when things are working smoothly. Also best to keep a clone of your main boot drive so when upgrading to a newer OSX and problems arise, you can quickly revert back to your existing OS. I am also using a 680gtx and works fine in Mountain Lion with Adobe apps. With all those deadlines I can't afford to have delays.
  5. Gav Mack, Nov 15, 2014
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    Nvidia cards like the GTX 680 work much, much better in 10.8.5 onwards than lion. In fact I hazily recall I had to upgrade to ML for a lion user for it to work properly when I flashed a card for them.

    Have you had the card flashed with the EFI bios in bootcamp?

    Try removing the paragon NTFS driver temporarily and find a newer update for when you need to install it. Upgrading I would recommend leaving it removed as it is renowned for causing grief. I stopped using it and went exfat to exchange data with windows and bootcamp to do any writes to windows volumes. I have had similar blue screen hell with the hfs+ Paragon/mac drive in Windows too.

    And get the techs to remove your processor tray, blow out the slot and do the same to all the memory sticks also.
  6. EithneO thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 11, 2014
    Quick Update

    So after much ado it seems that one of the new 4GB Ram sticks was causing the issue.

    In this order we:
    1) took out the new RAM, put it back to the 16GB I had
    2) put in old graphics card
    3) everything worked ok but was slow
    4) put in new graphics card
    5) everything worked and was faster
    6) updated to Mavericks
    7) will take out the SSD drive after Christmas as I realized its not a heavy duty one re the read/write actuation's but will do me for now.

    The only issue I now have is that new psd files will only save to 3GB, wheras before I can save them up to 5GB. (yes Ive done the max cap and all that jazz, I know photoshop file handling backwards) If I re-use a old file the conditions allow me to save up to 5GB so there is a bug somewhere. Might update to Creative Cloud later on - again once I get this deadline over lol! The joys of computers eh?

    Thanks everyone for your help! Much appreciated!

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