Mac Pro 2010 - Cables for PCI-E SATA-III Card to SSDs?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Artric76, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Jan 11, 2018

    I read about here and ordered the recommended PCI-E card (cheap SYBA card) to run my two Samsung EVO SSDs (not RAID) that are currently running in the bottom optical drive slot, using the two stock cables (disconnected optical drive).

    It didn't occur to me until the card came in that I'd need to resolve cabling. I can't just use a long pair of SATA cables, as the power is integrated into the stock connectors.

    Is there a kit for this? Or a tutorial I should check out? I'd rather not have to hack up any cables. I could, but would prefer not to!

    Thanks in advance!
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    This is your best bet -
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    Jan 11, 2018
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    By the time you've bought all the SATA splitters and extensions, there will be a rat's nest of cables inside and a lot of the bargain of the lower cost card is lost.

    Personally, I'd either get the Apricorn and just mount the drives to the card or live with the SATA II speeds of the native ports.

  6. joebclash macrumors regular

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    I know there is a big spec difference between sata ii and sata iii but has anyone that made the switch noticed a big performance boost?
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    Depends on how you use it.

    For (in)zip, large files copying (to/from another high speed drive, loading large VM, etc. SATA III connected SSD will be 2x faster than a SATA II connected SSD.

    But for boot time, loading apps, browsing photos, etc. There is virtually no difference.

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