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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Yurtal, May 18, 2015.

  1. Yurtal macrumors member

    May 8, 2009
    Hello, I have a mac pro 2010 model with the 2.8 quad core. I was wanting to ask if it is possible to upgrade the CPU, and if so is it something a home user could do themselves? Also, I have no idea what I can upgrade to, could someone please help me pinpoint what I have available and also where to buy from. I'm in Australia but can buy internationally.

    Thanks a million.
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    Nov 23, 2012
    There are so many threads concerning your question, I'm really surprised you asked. Do a Search and you'll find them.

    Short answer is a W3690 or X5690 are the top CPUs you can use in your single CPU 5,1 Mac Pro. Both are rated a 3.46 GHz. Installation is relatively easy.

  3. RoastingPig macrumors 68000


    Jul 23, 2012
    the Intel® Xeon® E5506 clocked in at a blistering 2.13 will definitley be an upgrade for your 2010
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    Nov 23, 2012
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    As already mentioned the Intel W3690 or Intel X5690 would be decent upgrades. Pretty sure you will find several W3690 or X5690 cpus for sale in HongKong.
    NB The Intel Xeon E5506 mentioned above by Roasting Pig won't be an upgrade, but a downgrade, in case you missed his sense of humour.

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