Mac Pro 3,1 (8 core model) or Mac Pro 4,1 (4 core model)?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by DustinB85, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Nov 24, 2011
    So I am looking to pick up a another computer for my desktop. I believe the Mac Pro is prefect for my setup. I just plan to try and pick up a Mac Pro 3,1 (8 core model) or Mac Pro 4,1 (4 core model). I narrowed it down to those two based off my general usage and what I want to spend on it. I want to have the room for the internal storage drive because I do have alot..alot of movies/video/files. I will be upgrading the graphic card and running boot camp because I do play a few games and a lot of my accounting software is made for PC. I also have a dual screen set up and now plan to hook up my plasma that is in the room. It's also going to run lion sever (when I'm not in windows). I've been running it on my MBP to get a feel for it and see how well it worked. I now need to move it all over to a desktop.

    Now my questions have shifted to which Mac Pro? I just want to buy one that fits my usage and the within a reasonable price. I do little bit of a lot of different things so that narrows it down between the Mac Pro 3,1 (8 core model) and Mac Pro 4,1 (4 core model). It I've had a tough time finding the 2009 models and prices have been all over the place. I guess my question is. What would you rather have??

    Some of my thinking

    The 4,1 (4 core model) (This will cost me a little more and it has a little bit lower benchmark but the cost of expanding RAM is a **** of alot less. And it has a improved chipset, faster system bus and improved graphics card.)

    The 3,1(8 core model) (The benchmarks seem to be around 9100 and will cost less than a newer model. Everything else but the ram seems to be similar. The RAM seems to cost a arm and a leg compared to newer models.


    Mac Pro 3,1 (8 core model) or Mac Pro 4,1 (4 core model)?

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    Sep 27, 2007
    Price is gonna be important but for around the same amount of money:
    Unless you have a lot of programs who can stress more the 4 cores i would go for the 2009 model.

    The 2009 mac pro:
    - is faster in programs which stress up to 4 cores, which includes all gaming
    - Uses a lot less power
    - Very cheap to add up to 32gb of ram
    - newer so less likely to need maintenance
    - Has better cpu upgrade possibilities.

    The 2008 mac pro:
    - Is better if you are gonna use programs which can stress 8 cores
    - Has more "exclusive" hardware, the 2009 basicly has an i7 920, this has dual cpu which is more fun if you're into that sort of thing ^^

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