Mac Pro 3.1 and pc edition of gtx 285

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Tim018, Jun 25, 2013.

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    So I recently acquired a mac pro 3.1 octo 2.8 ghz and it's a great machine so far. I have a mac edition of a 5770 ati card, but I have an old custom built pc with a evga gtx 285 2gb in it. After a lot of reading and searching forums, I ended up with few answers. People had mentioned that I need to use the injector from netkas, but that link is broken. Long story short, I decided to try it anyway.

    The mac pro boots up fine with zero alterations, though a boot screen never appears, it starts to display properly at the login screen. Graphics tests reveal about 22.8 fps in unigine heaven benchmark @ 1080p...about 3 more than the 5770. However, the open cl score from cinebench is actually a few fps lower than the 5770, and osx animations are choppy. Simple animations of switching spaces, mission control, and fan animations from dock are not nearly as smooth as the 5770. Any thoughts on this would be great! Thanks!

    tested both drivers from apple and drivers from nvidia with same result
    installed cuda with same result before and after
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    As you are using a 3,1 an unflashed card there will be running at PCIE 1.0 speeds, which means it is only twice as fast as TB2 ports in new Mac Pro, but I digress. If you were to get it flashed it would run at PCIE 2.0 16x lanes, and be 4 times faster than TB2 ports in new Mac Pro. (whoops, I digressed again)

    Cinebench is pointless, dumpster it.

    GlView and Uningine Valley are better choices.

    To run at 2.0 speed in a 3,1 unfortunately requires both soldering & flashing, so no easy fix.
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    thanks for the response! So i suppose what you are telling me is don't waste a good card since I'm not going to get the full performance out of it? I don't really want to solder a card that I can still re-sell with my pc for a decent amount and risk screwing it up. I was going to sell it along with my pc if I can't get it working properly.

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