Mac Pro 3,1 Boot Loop Error after using High Sierra Patcher


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Jan 18, 2020
Hi everyone,

I recently used a High Sierra Patcher on my Mac Pro 3,1. It worked perfectly fine for a while.
But few days ago, it suddenly couldn't start and ran an infinite boot loop. I didn't make any special update ... (I may have forgotten to deactivate SIP?)

I've tried several thing :
- start in recovery mode > forbidden sign appears
- start in recovery mode with internet > same
- rebooting from a usb bootable disk > loads then stops at the middle of the loading bar
- rebooting from a time machine saving > apple sign appears but nothing happens
- Reseting PRAM > works but gives me access to a shell terminal where no any command seems to work

Anyway i'm okay with formatting my whole disk but at this point i cannot do anything ...

My config :

Mac Pro 3,1
Nvidia Quadro K5000,
24 GB RAM,
512GB SSD Drive (For the OS)
Internal Classic Hard disks

Thanks for your help !