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    May 5, 2015

    I recently purchased a MSI GTX 970 4GB Gaming to replace my HD5770 .
    I have a Mac Pro Dual Xeon 3.1 3,2Ghz 18Go Ram and SSD

    When I run Bootcamp I have BSOD 0x124 and WHEA Logger ID 18. Except when I return the 5770 .

    Browsing the forum yesterday I read that this might be the Slot 1 is problematic . So I sent my GTX 970 before reading that it should be put into Slot 2. Power 6 pins is connected to the motherboard and 8 pins on both Molex is taken.

    I wonder if this has happened to any of you ?
    Does this would be a problem Slot PCIe ?
    All that to know if I would buy another GTX 970 ?

    Thank you
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    Slot 1 in 3,1 used to let some GTX570 and GTX580 cards turn off fan, then they would overheat.

    Only way to know was to watch fan.
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    May 5, 2015
    The 970 fans worked perfectly in slot 1. But I'm beast I have not even thought about trying another slot before return the card: /

    I had WHEA ID 18 errors
    A fatal hardware error has occurred .

    Reported by component: Processor Core
    Error Source: Machine Check Exception
    Error type: Bus / Interconnect Error
    Processor ID: 0

    No problem with tempature . I could play 1 or 2 hours without problem . Go to bed and wake up to have this error message .
    Sometimes three times in an hour and next to nothing for a day.

    Maybe the molex to 6 pins is the problem? Missing the middle 12v power cable.



    Thank for your help
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    May 5, 2015

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