Mac Pro 3.1 + OWC Accelsior S + Win7

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Captain Flame, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. Captain Flame macrumors newbie

    Nov 12, 2015
    Hello MacRumors-people,

    I'll try to present my issue as clear and precise with as much detail as possible.
    I have bought an OWC Accelsior S, this:

    My goal is to run Windows 7 on an ssd harddrive through this card. Windows 7 is already installed on the harddrive.

    I have the card installed on PCI 4x, second slot in Mac Pro. The drive shows in OSX. It also shows when I hold the opt-key, when I start up. When I select the windows drive, my screen turns black and it doesn't boot up Windows. I've waited for 20 minutes.

    My setup:

    I have a raid 10 with 4x 2TB harddrives in my 4 bays. In my optical bay I have 1 ssd with OSX 10.10.5 running on one of the odd sata ports from the mainboard. This is my main system drive. I have a second harddrive there which serves as backup running from the second odd sata ports.

    I wanted to run Windows in the past over one of the odd sata ports from the mainboard, but they are not supported under windows. I can not boot from them which is a known issue with this mac pro model. I believe I would need to force-install AHCI-drivers or so, to make that possible. But I am to scared to mess up my system. So far my solution was, to take out the raid and put in the windows drive when I wanted to start into windows.

    Therefore I wanted to use the accelsior S to run my windows drive. Has anyone tried a similar setup successfully? Do I need to installl extra drivers to be able to boot from it?

    Also the drive shows as an external drive (the icon) in OSX, which could be a problem. You cant boot windows from an external drive. But then I don't understand why it recognizes the drive as external, when I am running it over PCI.

    I found this guide, but I am not sure if it helps in my case.

    It would allow me to boot from the two odd sata ports on the mainboard. Is this correct?

    Also, all my systems OSX and Windows, have their own drive. No partitions.

    Windows 7 64Bit Pro -> INTEL SSD 180GB
    OSX 10.10.5 -> SAMSUNG MZ7PD256HAFV-000H7

    Hope there is someone who can help.

    Best regards
  2. Captain Flame thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 12, 2015

    I'm gonna awnser my own thread with what they mentioned officially on OWC-site:

    • "Not compatible as a Windows boot drive on a Mac"
    I bought it from European OWC store, where they didn't mention that fact.
    I should bring their attention to it.

    Well, I guess that case is closed.

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