mac pro 3.1 ram only shows 6gb ram... i HAVE INSTALLED 10GB

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by gogul1, May 3, 2014.

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    Apr 26, 2014
    hello, bought 8gb of 800 mhz ddr2 ram for the mac pro to install. I placed all 4 of the big ram (2gb in the top tray) I put the 2 1gb ram modules in the bottom tray as that was the recommended set up. Sadly my mac shows only 6 gb of ram are being recognised. Any ideas?


    it recognises the two 1gb modules in the bottom tray (b) DIMM 1 & 2
    It recognised the two 2GB modules in top tray (a) DIMM 1 & 2
    It says that DIMM 3& 4 in the top (a) tray are not installed... but they are!


    ok I put the 2 2gb ram that was in DIMM 3 & 4 in the A tray into the DIMM 1&2 in the B tray. I them put the 1gb modules into the DIMM 3&4 in the bottom (b) tray. It now recognises all the ram.

    Can anyone confirm this is the optimal way to use the ram?
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    Should tell you in the owners manual.

    But I have

    Riser A Slot 1 - 2GB
    Riser A Slot 2 - 2GB
    Riser A Slot 3 - 1GB
    Riser A Slot 4 - 1GB

    Riser B Slot 1 - 2GB
    Riser B Slot 2 - 2GB
    Riser B Slot 3 - Empty
    Riser B Slot 4 - Empty

    All 10GB shows up although I have had to swap the risers around. For some reason one of them will no longer work in the upper riser slot.

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