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Nov 21, 2011
Another thread by me, I know I know but this forum is so full of knowledge and great people that I have to post my doubts. So here it goes:

I have a 2008 8 Core Mac pro, I got a GTX 680 2gb from (great people btw, I highly recommend them). Now this Mac pro is a slave for Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 that I just have for running AU plugs during production, so I don't have a monitor ATM connected or anything else ( i know, why would I have that video card if I am not even using a monitor with it right? Well, its function was different at the time I got it). Anyway, I have it on the same subnet as the main production Mac Pro so I can use VSL, etc. But if I boot it without a monitor, I cannot reach it, ping it, if I reboot with a monitor connected to it, all is good.
Why would that be the case? I mean, a boot is a boot is a boot, having a monitor should not make a difference right? issue is, I cannot see what is going on when it boots, I hear the chime, then can't reach it, connect monitor and no image. Reboot, with monitor connected, all is good.

Ideas? Thoughts?

As always, very much thankful for this great forum


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Sep 21, 2010
I use a Mac Mini server with no monitor. I notice that when screen sharing, there is significant performance difference that depends on whether I have a monitor connected or not. The Mac Mini is inside a very small space and I cannot leave a monitor connected, so I attached a small HDMI dongle that emulates a monitor. This does the trick perfectly.

So if you find yourself unable to fix the problem, perhaps you could just hook up one of these HDMI dongles and it would be the same to the system as having an actual monitor connected.
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