Mac Pro 5,1: Install Windows 7 Pro on 2nd Internal Drive?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by prezasti, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Jul 9, 2010
    Can I install Windows 7 Pro on a second internal Hard Drive and if so, do I use bootcamp to do it or do I need to install a different way? Also, how do I boot between OSX and Win 7 if I don't use bootcamp? I've searched the forums and I can't seem to find an answer to this question.

    Also, I have a 2011 mac mini with Win 7 Pro on the main drive via bootcamp, so I know how to install it that way, just unsure on the second Hard Drive. I need to know before I buy a second Hard Drive to do this, otherwise I will just use the main hard drive as usual.

    If this has already been answered, feel free to drop the link(s). Thanks!
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    Sep 6, 2009
    Yep you can install Windows 7 Pro on another internal HD and you'll need BootCamp. In booting to Windows 7, you can either hold the option key and once the HD icons appear, just select and click on the Windows 7 icon. Or you can go to System Preferences, go to Start Up Disk and select the BootCamp Windows icon and this method enables you to start up on Windows regularly.
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    That's how I run Win7 on my Mac Pro--I have the Windoze drive on a completely separate drive. (too much info...I actually have 3 drives, my main Mac drive, my backup Mac drive (clone of the first drive), and the Windoze drive).

    I use both Bootcamp to run Win7, and I also use Parallels to run my Win7 installation as a VM when I am booted into my Mac. If it wasn't for a couple of games (curse you, Witcher 3) I would never use Bootcamp...

    I'm sure it has been answered before here, you probably will want to search google and see what pops up on the forums, as the forum search here is pretty worthless.

    My memory was that it was pretty easy to just selected the drive at the selection screen; I think since most Macs don't have second drives, you wouldn't see that choice available in most guides or how-go's. And as pointed out, there really is no other option for booting into Windoze other than using Bootcamp. Running Windoze as a virtual machine, there are several options.
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    Jul 9, 2010
    Thanks for the info guys.

    I also use Parallels on my MacMini along with bootcamp, but I just purchased this Mac Pro system to run AutoDesk Building Design Suite Premium 2016 (AutoCad etal) which is unfortunately Windows Only. I need to run Windows 7 as a standalone to properly run the Autodesk Suite, because it is a very power hungry set of programs for 3D modeling. Otherwise I would just run Windows in Parallels.
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    Mar 1, 2018
    late to the party, you can install windows via bootcamp app BUT :

    -cannot install with the bootcamp app from high sierra (it wants win 10 ONLY)
    -you need to use snow leopard, lion, mountain lion or mavericks (but without update) to be able to install a win 7
    -you will need bootcamp drivers package which can be downloaded here :

    after that it's very straightforward. IF that works.. which is not always the case..

    if it fails for whatever reason you'll have to do it "manually" : format your drive in fat then boot from dvd (press alt at the chime) then install win then install drivers package ...

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