Mac Pro 5,1 Kernel Panics and GTX 1070

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by devynbrew, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Hoping to get some thoughts and ideas on how to fix the Kernel panics I encounter almost daily.

    After installing an nVidia card into my system last year — the GTX 980Ti — I encountered Kernel panics for the first time since using my Mac Pro 5,1 (which I originally purchased in 2010).

    Now I have installed a GTX 1070 by EVGA and see these panics regularly as I cut video in Adobe Premiere.

    The big benefit of having a nVidia graphics is the CUDA support for Premiere Pro — but are the nVidia web drivers really so bad that the experience will never be crash free, or is there something else going on here with my system?

    Interested in others' experience with the GTX 1070 or nVidia Web Drives and the Classic Mac Pro (5,1).

    Here's a Kernel panic I experienced today:

    A Crash from a while ago:
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    I'm not sure, but I think the workaround is that you need to disable Metal in Premiere Pro by deleting some files. You are using CUDA anyway. Last I heard (years ago) this was a known problem that they were going to ask Nvidia to fix, but I never saw resolution on it so it may still be an ongoing problem.

    Tim Kurkoski at Adobe knows the most about KPs regarding Premier Pro interaction with Macs Pros and newer Nvidia cards using Nvidia drivers for MacOS. I would contact him (you'll need to log in with your Adobe account).
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    NVIDIA is working with ADOBE on a similar issue, but I’d suggest opening a ticket with NVIDIA. They seem to have more power with getting to the right people at Adobe to actually get answers. Opening ticket with Adobe will stick this in customer support for months and they’ll tell you to just file a bug report...

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