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Jigga Beef

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Jan 11, 2009
Philadelphia, Pa
Retired to my 14 year old Mac Pro 5,1 today. OCLP has kept that bad boy running for years but over the last few weeks it just stopped botting, not sure if its hardware or software related but i felt it wa stime to upgrade to something stable.

I was always planning on buying another Mac Pro even though ti was overkill for my use case but I enjoyed adding the PCIE cards, dif GPUs and loved the internal HDD space but once I saw the current models are far less customizable the Mac Studio was a better fit for me.
Just picked up a Mac Studio M2 Ultra (64 RAM & 1TB HDD) My current boot drive is 2TB but the 2TB version had about a two weeks delivery date and i wanted to get this up and running this weekend.

Just wanted to see those who converted to from the 4,1 / 5,1 to a Mac Sutio, have you been “happy?” I know this will be an exponential jump in power, speed and reliability coming from an OCLP machine from 2010.

I scooped up
SABRENT USB 3.2 5 Bay 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Tray Less Docking Station
Satechi Mac Mini Hub & Stand with SSD Enclosure for NVME/SATA

To make up for the lack of internal SATA dries and my PCIE 3. USB Card.
Anything else I should be ready for or scoop up in this transition?
The thing I am most excited about is using my LG 5K UltraFine which has only been used with my laptop since I got it. Thinking about buying an additional 5K Ultarihte to match. Right now I am using 3 X 4K Samsung monitors but I think 2.x UltraFines will be sufficient


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Jan 3, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
I bought an M1 Ultra 64GB/4TB when they were first released and paired it with the Mac Studio monitor. I added a couple of OWC Thunderbolt cases with 4TB drives each and also have a base/hub with a lower performance 2TB M2 via USB-C. I am very happy with the setup.

Since I have a second office, I kept my CMPro 5,1, but it is definitely not fully stable with the newer macOS versions. Monterey is the fallback when I cannot tolerate flaking. Performance is ok for normal use, but for things like large XCode compiles it cannot compete with the Studio.

A big thing is power consumption since I pay upward of 52 cents a kWh.

If I were limited to one desktop, the Studio would have no competition. With current SoC technologies, the form factor is great.
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