Mac Pro 5.1 mid 2010, HD5770, DELL U2718Q 4K ISSUE

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    Hi Guys.
    My mac is 5.1 mid 2010 equipped with standard HD5770 1Gb Mac card on board. OSX High Sierra.
    I bought Dell U2718Q, connected it to mac Pro with mDP->DP cable. Monitor runs in 4k wit 30Hz. It is ok for me ( no games, just work with documents ). Frequency is as in manuals for 5770 but.....I CAN scale entire visible area of screen EXCEPT all areas of system informations as: first row on the screen:
    • left corner apple, then everything what is in row on right side from apple.
    In example if there is Opera browser so name Opera, file, edition etc etc
    • Same story with everything on right side as date, clock, wifi etc etc
    DELL DO not provide any MAC drivers as OSX has it included, I do not know what can be source of this weird scalling selected areas and what can be the solution.

    Please support me
    screen 1.png
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    inside your DSDT

    5770 doesn't support 4K natively, and doesn't enough processing power to scaling entire 4K resolution properly.

    At least you need upgrade with compatible 4K GPU, RX560 at least if just for viewing documents, quite cheap, runs cool and low power draw.
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    Apr 29, 2019
    So, do you think it looks so unnormal because of 5770? DELL answered me that Apple do not support U2718Q in High Sierra and above...
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    Apr 29, 2019
    Finally I found solutions:
    1) you must use x1440 resolution have visible UI fonts on 27" monitor
    2) only 3rd party software allow your Mac Pro display x1440 resolution without blurred fonts on 4k DELL
    3) waking up after sleep etc, all this issues are described (for another model but has same effect on 4k monitor) on DELL website. Same sensitivity for cables connection place, specific disablings on menu.

    In times when people want to P&P hardware DELL U2718Q is not good solution to OSX Sierra and above users. Choose as Apple recommend: LG UltraFine models of monitors :cool:

    Here is full Q&A from DELL:

    I sent back my DELL to the seller.
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    Apr 23, 2010
    From my personal experience and observations:
    - I have a Dell U2715Q and an RX580 8GB in my 4/5,1 Mac Pro. It runs HS and Mojave nicely at 2K and 4K.I usually run at 2K (1440P) but for some photo editing, 4K. Both 4K and 1440p are razor sharp.
    - I have a friend who still runs a 5770 on his 5,1 on HS. The spec on that card is 1440p max. He has the same model Dell 4K 27-in screen, and runs it at 1440p. He has switched on 4K, and it seems to work, but everything is too small to be usable for him. I've sat with him on mutual editing sessions, and fonts (and everything else) are razor sharp.

    IMHO Dell does not provide very good cable with their monitors, though they do supply them! But you may have a cable quality problem - try searching the forum. "Certified," I think.

    Also, the linked Dell support articles is for 5K monitors, not 4K monitors.
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